Monday, November 11, 2013

A Stressful Funny Embarrassing Week

The weeks are going faster and faster, huh? It has been a stressful/funny/embarrassing week. More on that later!

I am doing great! I think! Haha, I don't know. It´s been a tougher week, but not because of my new companion! Søster Nuttall is awesome. She is not trunky (though she will be heading home in a few months!) Can I get a hallelujah? She is just a really really great missionary. She really knows how to listen and speak from the heart. We have had some really good lessons this past week and I am excited for the upcoming week! 

I'm picking up the cute yellow bike from the Ægtepar today (they said they don't need it!) so hopefully it'll be in good condition! Søster Nuttall's bike is coming on Thursday when we have our Zone Activity/Training (she wasn't able to bring it on transfer day).

So. The embarrassing! The stressful! The funny! Transfers went relatively well, Søster Bishop made it to Copenhagen and Søster Nuttall made it here! That night we did a couple of stop bys and got a return appointment with someone! We're meeting with him tomorrow night. 

On Thursday morning before District Meeting we walked to the bus station to fill up our bus pass with money for the month so we could get to District Meeting and an appointment that afternoon. We got all the way to the station and I realized... I had forgotten my wallet! So we started walking back to our apartment so the Ægtepar could pick us up for the meeting since we couldn't bus there. Our District Leader and his companion drove past us on the bus we were supposed to be on - it was pretty funny

So we eventually made it to the meeting, and then we asked the Ægtepar to take us to our appointment as well. We had an appointment with a less-active who lives in Blokhus, which happens to be right on the coast! We didn't know that until we got there, but when we got out of the car I could hear the ocean! We walked up a sand dune to see the sea (haha!) and it was beautiful. I forgot my camera! But we're going to go back on a P-day. :)

Later that afternoon we had an appointment with another less-active. We visit her once a week, so I felt like I knew how to get us there. Not so! We ended up being lost for an hour and a half, and we were within 1 or 2 kilometers of her house the whole dang time! That was REALLY embarrassing. Luckily Søster Nuttall didn't push me off a cliff or anything! We both just laughed about it.

After that things got a lot better. On Friday we had an awesome lesson with a college student who is a 7th-day Adventist - she wanted to know why we worship on Sunday instead of Saturday, and we ended up teaching her about the Restoration and giving her a Book of Mormon!

Have I told you about M? M is awesome and you really need to know about him.  M is 15. Last year he became interested in the LDS church because he had heard a lot of things about Mitt Romney. He went online and ended up taking all the lessons, getting a Book of Mormon, reading it, and gaining a testimony that it is true. His parents wouldn't let him come to church though! So he read all of the standard works. And one Sunday he was on the bus with one of our less-actives who was on his way to church, they started talking and M found out he was going to church, so they both just came to church together! Now M comes every week.

He has such a strong testimony and he knows SO much about the church, and he's not even a member yet! But yesterday he brought his aunt to church with him. She is a priest in the Folkekirke. We got to teach her and explain our beliefs (two of the young adults taught with us! They did most of the teaching, and they are awesome!) and it was a really great experience.

So that is a little bit about my week! I also spent 160 kroner (32 dollars) on shampoo and conditioner this week. Just in case you were wondering about how expensive things are here. I did buy the biggest shampoo and conditioner they had, so that I won't have to worry about it for a while, but still. It blows my mind! Mascara is over 20 bucks!

Ahhahaha, one more funny story. So we teach a couple every week who live pretty far out of town, so a married couple in the ward pick us up and take us to it every week. At our lesson a week and a half ago we decided to have our next one on November 17th. Apparently the members thought it was on the 10th! so today at church the husband asked me if it was ok if they picked us up at 6.30 and I thought I had just written the date down wrong, so I said they could come and pick us up. 

We got out to the investigators' house, and they were having a family dinner with their kids and their parents, because last night was a holiday - I think it's called Mortens Aften. Turns out the lesson really wasn't until next Sunday! It was super awkward, but since we had traveled so far to see them (and since Danes are just really really hospitable), they let us stay and we ended up having a really great visit.

Anyways, it's been a crazy but good week! I didn't take any pictures, sorry!! Actually, Søster Nuttall and I did take a picture together but I look terrible and I can't bring myself to post it up. I don't know what's going on (I think it's because I was really stressed at the beginning of this week) but I am breaking out like crazy, my hair looks really bad every day, and I just feel supa dupa awkward! 

Oh well. I'm not here to look amazing, I'm here to preach the gospel! And I don't know if you can tell from the stories, but it definitely has been a stressful week. Not because of our investigators or my new compaion (I'm telling you, I just keep getting amazing companions! It's a blessing!), but I just keep messing up! I felt a lot of pressure to be perfect and I felt like since I've been here 5 weeks, I should know everything there is to know about Aalborg already. But I don't, and it's ok! 

Heavenly Father definitely carried me through this week. There were a couple times where I really wanted to break down and cry. And it was funny, because it seemed like every time I felt like everything was going to fall apart, it would all just work out and Heavenly Father would remind me once again that everything is in His hands, that this work will move onward, and that I am a good missionary, not a failure!

Søster B

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  1. Oh Hannah, be easy on yourself! You are so cute and doing great! No need for perfection :)