Monday, April 28, 2014


It was an awesome last week in Odense. Seriously all the miracles happened right there at the end, which makes me feel bad for ever feeling sad, but it's always so much sweeter when you go through the bitter right? :) 

H (She is great!) and I.

After we finished PDay on Tuesday, we went out to give cookies to one of the families in the ward. 

Afterwards we decided to stop by M, who we street contacted my first week in Odense and made a return appointment, but it had just never worked out. Well, she was home and she let us right in, and her good friend M2 (haha both of their names start with an M so yeah! M2 it is!) was there. 

M2 had actually borrowed the Book of Mormon we gave to M and read a little bit in it, and they both had some good questions about the church. We got to know them a little bit better, and talked about prayer. We gave M2 her own Book of Mormon, and invited them to a pizza night the ward was having a few days later. 

They came to the pizza night!!! And they brought another friend, M2's roommate E, who is from the Faroe Islands which I think is pretty awesome. We gave them a tour of the church and they had a lot of good questions, they stayed for the activity and a short lesson afterwards. They said they want to start coming every week, and they want to learn more! Ah it was so exciting and they are all the sweetest girls.

Søster McVey and I in the mustaches.  (thank you Julie!)

On Saturday Sister McVey and I went out to give cookies and a talk by Elder Bednar to C, and on our way up there I saw a man on the bike path in a wheel chair. He seemed really happy and nice, and on our way back he was still on the path! So Sister McVey and I stopped and approached him to just say hi, and it turns out he has met with missionaries before in Fredericia! He said he had never seen girl missionaries before, and that his wife is expecting their first daughter in September and he hopes she will be as dedicated to her beliefs as we are to ours. It was a really sweet little conversation, and it just goes to show how small and simple promptings can be, but what sweet experiences can come from following them!

Transfers went well, I did get my bike here and all my other stuff in one piece (well, many pieces actually... I have too much stuff!)! The Ægtepar from Odense actually go home this week so they weren't able to help us with transportation, so we walked all our stuff to the train station! 

All of us one more time at the train station this morning.

Some of the Elders came and helped us which was a huge help, but whew! It was quite the work-out. Sister Sheridan (we were in the apartment together, she was in the other Odense ward and is now in Gladsaxe) and I had a great conversation with the lady who sat by us on the train, and then we made it to Copenhagen! 

Sister Hadley, and I got all of my stuff (two suitcases, a duffel bag, another huge bag with my dyne and study stuff, and a bike) on and off an S-tog, and then we walked it to the apartment. 

It is a really cute apartment! There's a little overgrown garden in the front and we want to see if we can clean it up for service sometime soon. Sister Hadley, my new companion, is awesome! She is from Utah, has 7 older half-siblings, and is way enthusiastic and motivated to work!

I got the cards from John, Emily, Sage, and Chloe this week, they were so sweet!!! And I also got your packages. THANK YOU so much!!! The candy and the scarves and shoes and face stuff and everything was just wonderful. I'm wearing the shoes and one of the scarves right now! :)

The Easter package!

My mind is kind of running 100 miles a minute right now, so I may have forgotten some things so I might email a little more if I think of anything! :) But it's fun to transfer again already, and although I will miss Sister McVey (love that sista!) it'll be fun to be with Sister Hadley.

Me and Søster Hadley, my new companion

Fløde Ketoffler and Hollansk Waffles

Easter sounds like it was wonderful! Sydney made a strawberry pie? that is awesome! I told my companion about the bunny rolls you  make, and we thought about getting the recipe from you to try it but then we decided it would take too much time. ;) Oh well! 

Did you know in Denmark there is an Easter Bunny AND and Easter Chicken!

Us with S (the coolest girl eva!) and some really cute baby chicks! (this was at our Mission leader's house)
We didn't have anything super fancy happen on Easter Sunday, but Sister McVey and I did go and sing easter hymns on a park bench for a little while! It was totally terrifying - and I'm pretty sure some people laughed at us - but there was a family that sat down at a picnic table close by and could hear us singing. They didn't leave, so we took it as a sign that we didn't sound too bad. ;) 

On Saturday night we ate with our ward mission leader and his family, and I found out that they found my blog last week! How funny and great is that? Now I better watch out when I talk about Odense, since I know people who live here will be reading what I say. ;) Just kidding!! 

But I won't be talking about Odense much longer because yesterday I found out that next Monday, I'll be transferring! Ahhh it's breaking my heart to leave! I love it here and I love all the people we work with. I've made so many good friends and I kind of assumed/counted on staying here! But the Lord has a plan and I am very happy to follow it. :) 

I'll give you 3 guesses to where I'm going.

1. It's on Sjælland. (go look on a map!)
2. It's the biggest city in Denmark.
3. It also happens to be the capital of Denmark.

I'm going to COPENHAGEN! 

Well, to be specific the area is the Frederiksberg area, which is the suburb of Copenhagen where the mission office is located, but it includes downtown Copenhagen! So I am very very excited. From what I've heard it's a great area, and when Sister Hale was there she carried a guitar around on the s-togs (like the metro or the subway) and sang songs - and it got alot of people to talk to her! So I think I'll copy her with my ukulele. :) It'll be fun! 

But I was thinking, would it be possible for you to send me some ukulele music/a print-out of all of the ukulele chords? I used to just be able to look it up online, but now, as you know, I can't! And I can only play one or two songs by memory now, so I need to work on that! 

Søster B and Søster McV at the Hans Christian Anderson home
That also reminds me - I just asked President last week, and it turns out I am not actually allowed to look at the blog. Woopsies! My bad!! So I won't be doing that anymore. Lesson learned: Don't go by word-of-mouth exceptions to the rules! Make sure you hear them from the original source!

And I haven't gotten your easter package yet, but I will next week when I get into Frederiksberg. So woohoo! 2 Easters for me! Did you get my Easter package yet? It should get there soon! Along with a postcard for Emily for her birthday.

This week has been so great. We did a lot of fun Easter contacting (that awkward moment when you ask someone what Easter means to them and their response is "absolutely nothing!" - what do you say to that? Hahaha!). It gave us the chance to bear our testimonies of Jesus Christ and hopefully the people we talked to will remember that. 

Sister McVey and I with the fløde ketoffler we made!
There is a sweet older woman in our ward who made Easter gifts for us to give to the people we work with, so we went around and dropped off Easter eggs as well! Easter is 2 days long in Denmark, so we were still able to give away Easter gifts yesterday - to the H family, who were really cute about it. We told the kids that they couldn't get their easter gifts unless they participated in our lesson, which of course made them very eager to listen and answer our questions, and then they were really cute about saying thank you and sharing the candy with their parents - which I don't know if I would have done. ;) sorry!

This is us with some Hollansk Waffles
The B family is letting us teach them! C & C, the two daughters, are almost 8 and almost 10 and before we started becoming good friends with them they weren't really thinking about being baptized, but their mom told us yesterday that the youngest said she wants to be baptized when she turns 8! We were SO EXCITED to hear that! 

I really hope it all goes well because I am going to really miss going to visit them. C & C let me play barbies with them (it's been a long time!) and we're all just really good friends. We're definitely going to stay in touch! 

Anyways It has been a great week! A lot better than last week, because I decided to stop whimping around and start choosing to be happy no matter what. :) things go a lot better that way! 

Plus it seemed like a lot of people we met with shared with us why God is so important to them, which was a tender mercy to me because I was starting to worry no one felt like they needed God anymore. :) But of course we all do! 

This week we have an appointment with the B family again, as well as a lot of members we want to stop by (we'll be baking lots of cookies! woo woo!). And then I'll be packing up again and transferring away from this lovely city! Ahh it is so bittersweet! 
Søster McVey and I doing some epic walking down a cobblestone street.

It's amazing how close I feel I got to the ward here - I made some really good friends who are my age or close to it, who I hope I can stay in contact with - in just 6 weeks. I love being here! And I am excited to see what will happen in this last week here in Odense.

I hope this week is great! 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Daffodils in Odense

I can't believe it's another week! Time goes so fast when you're having fun and working hard. :))

I am so excited for Easter! We're going over to a member's house on Friday evening for a little Easter party. She invited all 6 of the missionaries, so it'll be a little crowded in her cute little house! It will be fun. 

Other than that we'll just be working away! The bike is holding up just fine, it's in good condition and as fun to ride as ever! 

All of the Søsters from our apartment making faces with daffodils.

The Senior couple here in Odense is fun, but they're going home next week! They're very very kind and helpful, and they've worked really hard to learn Danish which I think is really impressive because neither one of them served missions here when they were younger. 

For p-day today we had a lot of errands to run! We hung out on the gågade (the gagade is a pedestrian shopping street) with the other sisters though, and that was really fun! We also had time to write letters - I sent you all some! :)
We make frikadeller  (Danish meatballs) together!

This week we did a lot of service! We helped a member clean her house because she had a surgery and couldn't do any heavy lifting/cleaning - I vacuumed a whole house! How crazy is that? It was actually kind of fun though, which was surprising to me. 

We also had an appointment with L, who was an investigator before and wants to meet again. She told us that she doesn't want to commit to the church when she knows she can't do it with her whole heart right now, but she does want to learn more - and I am so grateful that she is open to learn! 

Søster Sheridan (one of the sisters we live with) and I!

Anyways sorry this email is rather short! I am running out of time, ahh! I love you all lots and I hope you are praying for me and the Danes, because I'm praying for you! I hope the rest of the family is doing well. 

I haven't really heard from anyone. Sister McVey and I think Dobby is stealing our  mail because we haven't gotten any letters since I got here. ;) (Hannah's mom here - In my defense, I did send an Easter package about 2 weeks ago, and hopefully she will get it this week... Looks like we will write letters for FHE!)

The peep and cookie smore Søster McVey and I made to celebrate her year mark as a missionary!

I am sorry because I sound a little down this week I think. Will you pray for Søster McVey and I and our area this week?  Anyways I don't want to worry you or make you sad, but I could just use your prayers! 

I love you so much! And I hope you have a great week!! I know we will.