Monday, March 3, 2014

Vintergækker - white winter flowers

I am great today. :D The sun is out, I just washed my sheets so I feel really productive, and we should be finding out about transfers today or tomorrow so I'm excited! And nervous - if I have to leave, I will be sad!! But it's all a part of the plan, and I'm sure I'll be way happy whatever happens.
The park we run in every morning - it's so beautiful!
Yesterday was a really really wonderful fast and testimony meeting, and I may or may not have gotten a little emotional (or a lot - seriously I couldn't stop the tears!) thinking about leaving here - it feels like home, and I've already gone through leaving home once, thank you very much! 

I can't believe it's March, it was just November! And unlike poor South Dakota, it does actually feel like spring here. :) There are some beautiful little flowers out - vintergækker, which are cute, white winter flowers, and then some yellow flowers that I can't remember the name of. They're a lot cuter to see than dandelions, that's for sure. ;)
This week was pretty dang great! On Monday we helped the Bishop with his garden and then went to a Family Home Evening with S and E, as well as our investigator A, the other missionaries, H and I, and K, a really cool girl from the ward. It was really good! But about halfway through H found out that his older brother had passed away, which was really sad. But I think he felt our support and we definitely have been praying for him! 

Søster Packard, and I with B, I, and K

On Tuesday we had an appointment with T and we asked the Elders to come with us to it, but when we got there he had put a note on the door saying he couldn't meet that day! ): But we were able to make a new appointment for this week, so that's really good. I was afraid he was going to drop us!! 

Then we went with the Elders to their appointment in Nørresundby with a really really sweet family (A mom, a dad, and their daughter!) from Grønland. It was the elders' first appointment with them, and they made a baptismal date!!! It was SO exciting and a big blessing to be a part of it. They are a really solid family, and their daughter loves primary and didn't want to leave this Sunday. :) 

On Wednesday we had an awesome appointment with A, and the bishop's wife came with. We taught the plan of Salvation and tried to do it as simply as possible, with lots of scriptures. It was amazing! A was really into it, asked a lot of really good questions, and afterwards asked us to give her some of the scriptures we had read so she could go back and study them more. 

Thursday we had our district activity! We played handball, which is REALLY fun (I don't know if we played it right, but we made it work!) and watched 17 Miracles - I think I've told you before but they speak Danish in that movie! Ahh, that movie gets me every time. Those saints sacrificed so much for the gospel!!
M, B, and Søster Barrett

We had some really good contacts on Friday and Saturday. Søster Packard's bike got a flat tire (surprise surprise! I think there's a curse on bikes in Aalborg) so we walked and took the bus. We were walking and contacting on our way somewhere, and met a woman named L. She said she doesn't really believe in God, or that He loves us, so we shared 1 Ne 11:17 with her and gave her a Book of Mormon - she gave us her number and said she would want to meet! It was pretty cool, because we contacted her near the church building and she said she lives close by and thinks that the church seems like a hyggeligt place! 

We were also doing some contacting on the bus - I sat down next to this girl and was a little nervous to talk with her, but I had just read a story that morning about asking Heavenly Father for help with contacting, so I said a little prayer and then asked her where she had bought the flowers she was holding. We ended up having an awesome conversation (she was the same age as me! And loves singing and playing guitar!) but Søster Packard and I had to get off the bus before I got her name! I gave her a card though, so maybe she will look up the website. :) Ya never know! 

Søster Packard and I with our miracle investigator, M

Søster Packard made an appointment to stop by and teach a lesson to the woman she sat next to on that bus ride, which I think is amazing! It'll be great to see where that goes. 

And on Sunday, like I said we had a great testimony meeting, and also a really good lesson with M after church. We had a dinner appointment with Fam. K and they invited two of the girls in the ward, K and I (who is from Nigeria), and it was just really great. The K's are who we had Christmas dinner with, and they're such a great family. J and M are really good parents, and B is the coolest girl eva!
So now you have a run-down of my week! :) I think it's pretty cool that I haven't once had a bad week as a missionary. There's always something to smile about, and at the end of the day there's always so much to be grateful for. I love it. I am excited for this coming week and I want to do even better than I have before!! I hope everything goes well at home and that it gets a little warmer. I love you so much and I pray for you!

Love you so much!

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