Tuesday, October 14, 2014

AWESOME New Companion

Jeg elsker dig!

My sweet new companion is AWESOME! Her name is Søster Hadfield and she is from... wait for it... Springfield Virginia! Her dad is in the Army and was at the Pentagon until the family moved to Utah a month ago or so. But isn't Springfield really close to Burke? Isn't that SO awesome?! What are the odds! I'm getting all kinds of good info from her about the DC area. ;) 

Søster Hadfield and I with President and Sister Sederholm.
Søster Hadfield went to a year at BYU and it's really fun to talk about BYU together. Strangely enough, even though it seems like most missionaries are from Utah and go to BYU, I haven't had a single companion until now who went to BYU Provo before the mission. Weird, huh? Anyways Søster Hadfield is amazing and such a hard worker, and so go-with-the-flow. 

Great things are happening in Slagelse! It's a really funny experience being a trainer, because Søster Hadfield thinks I'm the greatest missionary and the best trainer ever (she is seriously the sweetest sister ever!). If she only knew I have no idea what I'm doing! She has great Danish and can already understand most of what is said in appointments - it is seriously impressive. 

And being with a new missionary is so motivating. I feel like I'm learning so much and being reminded how to be an effective missionary. I feel like you get into habits as a missionary of how to do things, but it's really refreshing to review the training program and try new things.

Also I'm going on my first splits as a Sister Training Leader this week! Woohoo! I get to go back to Frederiksberg and I am SO excited about that. It's weird that it's been almost 2 months since I was serving there.

Well this week was crazy and fun. On Wednesday I met Sister Hadfield (I think there are pictures of us on the mission blog!). Her luggage didn't come in (no one's luggage came... there was a luggage strike somewhere in Europe and it held everone's luggage back!) so we had to wait for  a few hours until it did. 

Søster Hadfield and Søster Barrett in front of the real Kristus Statue

It was so exciting to see all of the amazing new sisters (they are all so ready and excited to be here! It was so great to see that!) and then to find out who I would be companions with. While we were waiting for the luggage Sister Hadfield and I contacted our way to Vor Frue Kirke to see the Kristus and the Apostles. Then we headed back just in time for the luggage to come in to the office, and took our train to Slagelse!

And then started the chaos.

;) Just kidding, the week went relatively smoothly, we were just all over the place checking Sister Hadfield in, getting bike lights and fixing bike tires (thank you elders!), finding our way around town (I haven't biked in Slagelse before), and just having a good time in general. 
Getting ready to bike!

There was a baptism on Saturday and we sang for it (just Sister Hadfield and I!), and only had time to practice once the night before and 2 or 3 times the day of. I was sooo worried about it but we both said a prayer beforehand and the song sounded lovely. It really was a miracle and the Spirit was so strong. Haha, also, we were asked to make cookies for the baptism and I realized the night before that I didn't have any chocolate chip cookie recipes with me! We did the best we could the morning of the baptism and made the cookies from memory... and they tasted quite delicious if I do say so myself. :)

And... not a picture of the cookies, but some delicious Italian food made by F and T. Yes, that whole plate was mine. And yes, I  ate it in less than 15 minutes (we were in a hurry!) Maybe that's not that impressive. but it was a lot of food and really good!
So overall the week was hectic but even when it seemed like everything was going to fall apart, it all worked out and we were able to visit and meet a lot of people. We had an appointment on Saturday with S, a really awesome less-active lady, but she told us it was a bad time and that we couldn't come. So we knocked on a couple of doors and found a family from Sri Lanka who said we can come back! On Sunday we stopped by them again, one of the daughters was home and we gave her a Book of Mormon - she said to come back after fall break. 

Then we stopped by S again, and she let us in. Her good friend B was there and we taught him about prayer. The Spirit was just so strong. And on our way out, S told us we could go visit her son D who we've been praying for for the last few weeks. We did that, and he told us we were welcome to come back and visit him tonight! 

Miracles are happening people, miracles are happening! I've never seen as many people be open to letting us come in and letting us meet their friends and family as right now. It is so good.

Anyways I have to go! We're going to stop by a really good bakery today and get Søster Hadfield some real Danish pastries. ;)

I love you lots! Have a good week and keep us in your prayers!


Søster Hadley and I right before she went home (craziness!)

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