Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Good Times in Horsens

This week has also been very exciting, but in different ways! No museum break-ins for us, but I had YET ANOTHER flat tire and finally gave in and took the bike in to the shop. It's doing really well now, and I'm sure it'll be in good shape for at least a few more days ;)

We went on exchanges with the sisters from Esbjerg and Odense - so fun! I was with Sister Mandla (from Australia!) and Sister Woster (from California - we've been on exchanges together before and I LOVE that sista - she's so fun to be around!). Oh my goodness I learn so much every time. 

This is the first time I've had sisters come to my area, and Sister Hale and I are learning/getting better at planning ahead so we don't end up going to the same places. ;) I love being with the sisters and learning from them, and hopefully being able to help them - we're all trying to do better and be better, and honestly I think it's pretty amazing how the Lord is able to work through us, unqualified and incapable as we may feel.

Some really amazing things happened though - On Tuesday, Sister Hale was out with Sister Henderson. They were on their way home for the night, and Sister Hale was feeling like it had been kind of a bust of an exchange - not much had happened. But then she told Sister Henderson, "I still feel like there's one more miracle out there tonight!" And shortly after felt like she needed to talk to person who was walking behind them. She didn't really want to, because it can be awkward to contact someone walking the same direction you are. But the person sped up to walk around them, and as he passed Sister Hale she decided to talk to him. Sister Hale recognized him, and he recognized her! 

Backing it up a little bit - Sister Hale and Sister Thomsen contacted this boy, T, a few months ago. They had an amazing conversation and agreed to meet up at the church for an appointment - he couldn't give them his number or address for some reason, but he promised he would be there. They showed up for the appointment, he didn't. They were super disappointed, because it didn't seem like T was going to burn them. 

Fast forward to Tuesday, and it was T that Sister Hale felt prompted to talk to on the street. The first thing he said to her was "I came to the church and you weren't there!" Sister Hale said, "We came and YOU weren't there!" It turns out T had gone to the wrong church! They made a new appointment for Thursday and he promised he would be there. 

On Thursday T came, and we had an amazing appointment with him and S, a really awesome member (also a little miracle there - we couldn't find anyone to come to the appointment and we needed another woman to be there, but all of the YSA's were going to be in institute - but S just happened to be there waiting for her brother, and she doesn't go to institute so she had time to come to our appointment). 

T is SO sincere about learning about the gospel, and so ready for it. We set a baptismal date in the first lesson for February 7. We had another appointment on Saturday and talked a little more about what it means to be baptized (T wasn't actually sure what it meant to be baptized... glad we got that cleared up!) - T still wants to be baptized. He couldn't come to church yesterday so we have to move his date back at least a week, but it is HAPPENING! and it's so exciting! 

The ward is really excited and wants to be involved, we've had members offer to come to appointments and to invite him over for dinner - it's so great. T told us on Saturday that after the first appointment, he walked around outside for a long time with a huge smile on his face and he had no idea why he was so happy. He said he feels like a new person. I know that the gospel can help anyone in the world become a new person, but we're not always open to it - even though I live the gospel and have learned about it my whole life, I haven't always been open to it - and it's really a privilege to see someone so open and willing to learn of Jesus Christ.

I am so impressed by Sister Hale's missionary skillz, and I am learning so much from her/with her. We're having SO MUCH FUN, and I love the ward! Last night we visited our ward mission leader and his wife, and it was so nice to hear their mission stories, talk with them about the exciting missionary work that is happening now, and feel the Spirit there with them. It's a good work we're all a part of.

I have to go! But I love you so much, and I pray for you. I hope you all have a great week! I say that every time, haha. But it's all about what you make of it.

If you get the chance, could you check on school stuff? Like when I need to get my ecclesiastical endorsement/sign up for housing and so on? I'll be looking at it too, because Sister Hale has to apply for college (the deadline is Feb 1! ahh!), but it'd be nice to hear what you find as well. Also I just got an email from mah favorite roomies (Katie, Brianna, and Kayla!) and I'm pretty sure we all want to room together again in the fall! That's going to be SO GREAT. So keep your eye out for good housing and all of that! Kayla is in the Colony and really enjoys it - wanna ask other BYU moms what they think?

LOVE YOU! Have a good week!
Sista B

PS no pictures this week. Sorry! 

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