Monday, January 13, 2014

It's P-day Again!

I can't believe it's Pday again! Weird. Sister Packard is awesome!! I think you heard already but she is Josh Krum's cousin. So that's really fun! I am still rockin' it in Aalborg, and I'll probably (hopefully!!) be here at least for the next 9 weeks or so. 

Hannah and Søster Nuttall

Sister Nuttall went home halfway through a transfer, so Sister Packard came up here halfway through - real transfers are in 3 weeks, and I highly doubt anything will be changing with us! But you never know. 

My bike is getting a new chain and the gear fixed today! So by tomorrow it will be up and running. If not, I will maybe die a little bit inside and then go buy a nice bike. But I don't want to! So let's all just pray that my bike is better by tomorrow, ok? :)
Søster Nuttall and Søster Barrett wearing Mustaches

I got two really cute packages this week! One from Grammy and Grampy - my favorite Symphony chocolate and some really pretty earrings, and one from Julie Erickson and her family! 

More Mustaches

It was the greatest package ever - with a cute hat and scarf, and some SUPER awesome mustache/glasses - see the pictures I will attach (and also if you look on the we love the cop-den mission blog there are some sweet pictures of Sister Nuttall, Sister Sederholm, her daughter, and I in the glasses! woo woo!). 

Thanks Julie!

So thank you to Grammy and Grampy and the Ericksons! I will send some letters soon!! 

Søster Hansen in the Mission office with a mustache!

And TILLYKKE to Makayla, she will be a great missionary! And in Chile, how cool is that?!  (Hannah's cousin just received her mission call this week!)
This week has been a fun adventure. On Tuesday I went with Sister Nuttall down to Copenhagen to say goodbye. It was so sad!! I cried like a baby the night before she had to leave. I got to be there for her farewell dinner with President Sederholm and his family, and a testimony meeting afterwards. We had to wake up at 3 to be able to be at the airport for her flight, and I have to say, it was weird to be doing all of these farewell things knowing that it's not something I will experience for another year or so! Craziness. 

On the train to Copenhagen

Anyways, then I headed back to Aalborg, with my new companion Sister Packard! She is really fun, and plays the violin. She brought some piano and violin duets so we're thinking about doing something in church or maybe at Inga's baptism.

Søster Packard and Søster Barrett

We had some really exciting things happen this week! First of all - since my bike is out of commission for a little bit we have been bussing, and working on getting better at talking to the people we sit to on the buses. Sister Packard gave away a Book of Mormon, and I had a great conversation with a lady from Argentina who lives here with her husband and children! I gave her a card, and we're really hoping something comes of it. You never know! 

We followed up on some past knocking and got a return appointment with a lady for next Sunday, as well as a return appointment with a previous investigator, a less-active man, and a girl we knocked into on Friday

Saturday and Sunday were the best days of the week - on Saturday night we went to stop by a less-active, but he wasn't home. We walked past the home of one of our investigators and I thought "should we stop by? Ehh, maybe not tonight." However, a couple minutes later we passed her on the sidewalk! She stopped to talk with us and we ended up teaching a lesson and comforting her a little bit because she had had a bad day of work. 

Then on Sunday night we stopped by a member's house and she gave us 5 referrals to less-actives in the ward who she thought would like to visit with us! I have never been very good at asking for referrals, but it's something Sister Packard and I have been working on too, and we were definitely blessed for it! Tonight we're going to try to stop by all of the referrals. 

After we visited that member, we went to stop by Viktoria, who was investigating the church pretty seriously but then went out of the country for a bit and we haven't been able to make an appointment since! But last night she was home, and so was her husband. We had a lesson with them and they asked us to come back next week! The cool part is that her husband has never been in on the lessons before, but he wants to be there too. They are a really sweet pair, from the Ukraine, living and working here. The Spirit was really strong and I can't wait to see what happens!
On Saturday night we also met a very drunk man named Leo (he called himself Leo the Lion) on the bus, who knew a LOT about South Dakota and Sioux Indians! Random, right? It was so funny. Also throughout the week we knocked on two doors that were answered by semi naked people. Exciting times in Denmark!
Anyway, it's been a really good week. I miss Sister Nuttall a lot but I know that Sister Packard and I are going to have a lot of fun together, and we're doing a lot of good work! I love you all, and I hope you have a great week!


  1. It is so exciting to read your blog Hannah! I think you are having great success. I had thought that you wouldn't be able to find people to teach but you are proving me wrong. Is Sis. Packard related to Pres. Packard?
    We are so excited that Makayla is going on a mission too! And to Chili! That is great!

  2. Wonderful experiences Hannah.. Yes, we are excited about Sister Makayla Barrett going to Chili also !! We have guite a missionary force out right now.. I need to count them ! Love you Hannah ! Grandpa and Grandma B.