Monday, July 7, 2014

I Get a Shock!

Hello from Copenhagen!

How are you? This week has been awesome. Remember last week how I said that Sister Hadley and I like to speak in chinese and african accents? Well this week we spent some quality time with our investigator C, who's from China, who has the cutest Chinese accent and a really fun way of speaking. 

If something surprises or scares her, she says "I get a shock! I get soooo shock!" and it is SO great. 

A beeeeeautiful church by the queen's castle - I don't remember its name! ahh!

We also met with a man named F, who is a preacher from Africa. He basically bible-bashed us, and told us we need to open our eyes to another way of worshiping God - but when we asked if he would open his eyes to the way we worship God, he gave us a very strong no. 

It's really nice when people agree to meet with us and then we can all respectfully listen to each others viewpoints and help each other understand Jesus Christ better, but experiences like this one every once in a while make the best stories. 

At one point F looked over at me and said, in a rockin' preacher voice, "I see this sister stands corrected!!!" It was great. We probably won't meet again with him for a while. ;)

And us with a car seat - we went to dinner at President and Sister Sederholm's house with K (our wonderful less-active) and her three kids, and we were in charge of getting car seats so they could travel up safely in the car.
It's been way humid and hot for the last few days - a big rain storm will come and go, and then it will get SO hot and muggy. It's a very different experience from Denmark in December! I've been constantly sweaty since Friday. 

Søster Hadley and the carseat

For the fourth of July we dressed up in red, white, and blue, had a dessert/lunch party right after the zone training, and a barbecue dinner with C and S, who have investigated the church before, the Elders, and their investigator D. We ate some great food and lit off sparklers - Sister Hadley and I had a wizard duel with our sparklers! 

 The epic sparkler duel!

So this month we are studying Preach My Gospel Chapter 8, which is all about using time wisely! We learned in our zone training on Friday that using time wisely starts with setting goals and planning.

Speaking of setting goals, yesterday I decided that I would do a better job of using my time well if I made little goals of things I wanted to accomplish throughout the day. As Sister Hadley and I went out to stop by a less-active, I decided I would give out a Book of Mormon before we got to the fireside with Brad Wilcox. 

We contacted a woman on the street and she told us she was too busy right now to learn about the church. Normally I probably would have said something like "That's okay, can we just give you a card about our church so you can look into it when you have time?" But because I decided I would give away a Book of Mormon, I asked her if she would like one. She said yes, and we bore testimony to her that reading in the Book of Mormon would bless her life. 

It was so exciting to see the Lord bless me with the opportunity to accomplish the small goal I had set in my mind to give away a Book of Mormon. It really got me to start thinking: If we set a small goal for every part of the day to accomplish larger goals, I think some really amazing things would happen. So I'm going to start doing that! I'm really excited to see what will happen.

Søster Hadley and I on Nyhavn, the cute harbor that comes up every time you look up Denmark on google! 
Yesterday was just a really exciting day in general. Elder Robbins, who is in the Presidency of the Seventy, and his wife Sister Robbins, came to our ward! They both taught some amazing principles in our sacrament meeting, such as the importance of family history and faith in Jesus Christ. 

Also, Brad Wilcox (an LDS writer and speaker) was in our ward to teach a lesson in the third hour of church and to give a fireside last night. I think faith in Jesus Christ was a theme throughout the day, from testimony meeting to Brad Wilcox's fireside. It was something I needed to be reminded of - that the reason we do what we do is because we have faith in Jesus Christ, and that what we want our investigators and less-actives to develop most of all is faith in Jesus Christ. 

I was really impressed by how willing Elder and Sister Robbins were to uplift and instruct the ward, even though the reason they're in Denmark is to celebrate their wedding anniversary. I really love how dedicated he and his wife are to fulfilling what the Lord has called them to do. 

It left a great impression on me. I am also called as a representative of Jesus Christ, and I want to do a better job of standing as His witness at all times, in all things, and in all places.

How is everything in DC? Are you getting used to public transportation? Do you think you'll all be using public transportation to get to school and work and everything?
Sister Hadley and I with churros covered in chocolate sauce. Yes, that's a real thing. And my arteries clogged up a lot. ;)

We just found out about transfers - Sister Hadley's going to Odense 1st ward, where I was!!! And I am getting Sister Handley... it's going to be confusing with the names. ;)

Can't wait to tell you about Sister Hadley and I's last week of adventures together and to see how it goes with Sister HaNdley! ;) It's going to be so fun.

Love you!

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