Monday, June 23, 2014

A Castle, A Temple, and a Medieval Festival

This last week has absolutely flown! We've been teaching the first lesson a lot, which is a great sign because it means we're teaching new people! The best part is they're all responding so positively. When D, our miracle from Peru, read the First Vision, she told us she felt "awesome inside". 

The Rosenborg Slot

Since we've been focusing on teaching people in their own language, we had D read the First Vision out loud in Spanish, rather than saying it to her in English. It was amazing to see how the Spirit affected her - she kept saying "Wow. Wow! This really happened?" Her faith and ability to recognize truth is really wonderful.

I think I forgot to tell the story of D! Sister M was in language school with her, and they became good friends. Sister M found out D was baptized at 8, but never really came to church. Now she is 38, and wants to know if the church is true. 

Us with C from China, in front of the Rosenborg Slot!

We met with her for the first time on Monday and it was AMAZING - her heart is so prepared to hear about the gospel. She read a verse from the Book of Mormon and asked "What can I do to get the feeling I have in my heart right now again?" It was just wonderful!

Søster Missionary Temple Trip!

It's just amazing to me how the First Vision affects people - another woman we're teaching, E (who called us a few weeks ago to learn about the church), believed that Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost are one being, and had a hard time understanding how we could believe they were separate entities. 

Then we shared the First Vision, and the true character of God the Father, His Son, and the Holy Ghost made much more sense to her. It is such a privilege and a blessing to be able to teach people and, with the Spirit, see them understand the principles.

Teaching the First Lesson just reminds me of how much the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ means to me. It's fun that as you were visiting all the original church sites, I was teaching people about the church's restoration, so we were all thinking about the sacrifices people made when the church was first established. 

Why did they do it? How did they do it?! I thought serving a mission would be sacrificing a lot, but being a missionary now is pretty cozy and comfortable compared to sharing the message of the Restoration when it first started happening.

But this week has just been really great! We got to go to the temple with a lot of the sisters on Sjælland which was so fun. We did a lot of service, and one day we left the apartment at 10.30 and didn't come home until 9.30! We were pretty darn exhausted afterwards.

The Medieval Festival
Sorry about the no pictures last week, I'm sending a ton this week to make up for it! :) 

Søster Hadley and I eating some Danish Pancakes!

This morning I learned a really good lesson! I was studying Virtue and Charity (in Preach My Gospel chapter 6!) and I made a connection - virtuous thoughts lead to virtuous actions, therefore, charitable thoughts lead to charitable actions. As you probably already know, sometimes companionships can be really hard! And I realized that if I spend my time thinking critical thoughts or having hurt feelings, then my actions are going to show that I have been thinking not-so-nice thoughts about my companion. You can't fake charity!

A roast pig from the medieval festival.  :D

I love you so much! Have a good week!

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