Monday, August 4, 2014

A View from Vor Frelses Kirke Tower

I am definitely having a happy day! It's been pouring rain and we biked to the library in it - I think rainstorms are my natural habitat, so no complaints there. ;)

Just a bit of rain! I was the only one who kept my hood down as you can see. ;)
Thank you for studying Preach My Gospel with me! :) I think that's really great, it's such a good tool for missionary work. And actually, we aren't studying the chapters in order, so if you want you can study chapter 11 with me!  

Today I wrote down a list of what I've learned from studying Chapter 8. I learned that setting goals helps me focus my time on the important things and helps me plan more effectively, which leads to miracles and growth. I learned that writing things down makes it way more likely that I'll remember to do the things I need to do. Also, I learned about the importance of accountability, most importantly accountability to the Lord. Unlike my mission president or stake president or bishop, the Lord is with me every day and I have a responsibility to be accountable to Him - He is the only one that knows my heart. 

Last week we climbed Vor Frelses Kirke tower.  It's higher than it looks!
And I learned that how I feel about my mission is a reflection of how I feel about Heavenly Father and the blessings He has given me - which did wonders for my attitude, especially on the days when we don't seem to have much outward success. No matter what happens, I have so much to be grateful for and I'd much rather spend every day feeling happy than wishing for bigger or better miracles! Plus, the happier and more calm I am the more I am receptive to the Spirit, so more of the Lord's work is accomplished anyways.

The work is picking up here on Frederiksberg. We had 3 investigators in church yesterday! G came to church and brought her friend J with - it was so unexpected! They had a great time and the ward was so welcoming, and J said "see you next Sunday!" as they left. Fist pump! 

Looking down from Vor Frelses Kirke tower.
We also invited our investigator G, who's from Nigeria, and he said he would come but I didn't really believe him (that just shows my lack of faith huh!). He wasn't there in sacrament meeting, but as we were heading to sunday school an African man in super fancy African robes walked passed me, and I realized it was G! How awesome is that? He loved it too, but left right after church before we got to talk with him - but apparently he had a great conversation with some of the men in priesthood.

We also met with P (not the one you're friends with on Facebook) again, and she had read a little bit in the Book of Mormon. We need to simplify our teaching a lot with her, but she was less shy this week and has such a sweet spirit about her! 

Doesn't the view of the city remind you of Mary Poppins?
On Wednesday or Thursday night we had a couple of less actives to stop by, and only one was home - his name is J, and he basically told us his whole life at the door (something I've noticed about being a missionary - people here are pretty closed-off and private, but when they start talking with us, especially if they've had contact with the church before, they open up and tell us soooo much about their lives). He has a lot of struggles and a lot of them probably can't be fixed in this life, but he was so happy that we came to see him. We prayed with him and he said it was the first time he's prayed with other people in a long time. 

Right after we visited him, we stopped by a previous investigator who has never been home when we stop by her (seriously I've been stopping by her since I got here!) and she was home! She is a wonderful lady, who totally knows the church is true but isn't ready to commit to it yet. It's all about the Lord's timing, and we'll see where it goes. It would be amazing if something happened to help her see how important this is, but I can't decide if being bold would help her or just make her more determined to wait to join the church.

I thought you would like the windmills and the sea.  :)
Basically, I love Denmark and especially the people I've met here. Frederiksberg ward is so wonderful and I don't ever want to leave it. The time here is such a gift.

Crazy thought I just had - if how I feel about my mission is a reflection about how I feel about Heavenly Father and all the things He has done for me, how much more is how I feel about my whole life a reflection of how I feel about Heavenly Father? There's so much to be grateful for.

Anyways I love you so much! Keep being amazing. Don't swallow too many bugs. Find some good running routes for me and tell Emily that I am impressed by her running skills!

Ha' det godt! Vi ses næste uge!*


* Have a good time!  See you next week!

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