Wednesday, August 13, 2014

One Year!

Well first of all, it's my YEAR MARK this week! ahhhh! I made a list of 12 things I've learned in the last year, 1 for every month. :)

1. How to fix a flat tire.

2. How to unclog drains. (scary!)

3. The proper technique for painting the inside of a house.

4. How to read a map/navigate 3 different cities by bus, bike, train, and foot.

5. How to speak Danish!

6. I can bear my testimony with conviction to complete strangers.

7. I can choose how I feel, instead of letting the circumstances I am in choose for me (still working on that!)

8. The true meaning of repentance and how to repent - to repent is to change, to develop a fresh view of God, myself, and the world around me.

9. I have learned to know Jesus Christ. I know Him. He is with me as I do His work.

10. The importance of the Bible, Book of Mormon, and modern-day revelation - if you take away either of those 3 things, you don't have much to stand on!

11. I have learned how to have patience. With myself, with the Lord's timing, with other people. (still working on that too!)

12. Most of all, I have learned that the Lord always keeps His promises - it was hard for me to trust in Him, but now I know that He will never put me through anything that isn't for my own good. And He promises that as I do the best I can, He will work through me to bring more of His children back home to Him - and I have seen that happen.

This week it seemed to be a theme in our district of plans being cancelled the day of... which is why we back-up plan! Seriously every day we started out with a really busy day planned, and then someone would cancel over text, someone else wouldn't be home, and so forth. It was a good thing though, because it helped us get creative and make back-up plans very  meaningful the night before! 

One appointment that didn't fall through was with G and J, as well as J's friend M from Brazil. G was really late to the appointment, and as we were waiting for her to come J told us, "I have watched 5 videos about Joseph Smith and they made me cry." We gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon in Portuguese and she was so happy to receive it that she kissed the book! It was so sweet. 

When G came, she was practically teaching J like she was already a member of the church! She bore her testimony to J, and the Spirit was very strong. It was really surprising because until recently, G wasn't interested in investigating the church, but now she's setting up appointments for us with her and her friends!

Last night we stopped by (a different) G and it was the best - he said that he can tell our church is different from other churches, and that he was pleasantly surprised by it and he wants to read the Book of Mormon through.

Last quick sentimental thoughts on the last year - It's been the best year of my life. I wouldn't want to be anywhere other than here in the Denmark Copenhagen Mission, learning to become a better disciple of Christ. I've come so far, but it seems like it hasn't really even been that much time. But also, it feels like I've been living the missionary life my whole life long! It's crazy!

Love you!! Have a good week!
Søster Hannah Barrett

 - Isn't it fun that everyone calls me Sister Barrett? Can you even imagine that? ;)

 - I'm sorry because I totally ran out of time to write a good email!  Also I haven't taken any pictures this week. :O Bad missionary award to Sister Barrett!

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