Monday, September 15, 2014

A bruised knee

Thank you for the package, I got it this week! It was so great with all the cute back-to-school things, and I'm wearing the scarf right now. Fun!

Haha you're right, talking less and asking more questions in a lesson is not at all as easy as it sounds!! And finding the balance between the lesson plan and fitting the persons needs exactly - sometimes things don't go according to plan, but how to know when you should stick to the plan or let the lesson go where the person needs it to go... that is the question... eek it's stressful.

Getting eaten by a wooden snake!
I think lately I've realized that it really can be hard to stand up for what you believe in and know to be true - especially when it's with people who are members of the church, or with other missionaries. It's the little things - like asking members to turn off the radio while we're driving in the car - and it's hard to stand up for the right simply because it is the little things. It's easy to get teased for not wanting to listen to regular music - but oh how it makes a difference in how much you feel the Spirit for the rest of the day as a missionary.

And the people around us aren't necessarily trying to make us break the rules or anything, it's just a matter of us being brave/diligent enough to explain that it's something we can't do. Bleh. It's something that's been coming up a lot lately, so it's helping me stretch and grow and be better at taking a stand - but doing it in a polite, socially acceptable way, not an awkward or rude way. ;) Ah, it's a fine fine balance, I tell you what.

I'm running out of time so this is going to be a short run-down of the week - we hobbled around a lot. Søster Vige can't walk well because of her knees, and the doctor can't figure out what's wrong, so there's not much we can do. But! We've been meeting some wonderful people on the streets, and having some great appointments. 

M is doing well, and last night we met with him and L, a woman who lives near him and is coming back to church. It was pretty awesome, because M had a lot of concerns last night, and L actually has a lot of the same concerns, but she's never opened up to us about them before - but at the same time, L does have a testimony of the gospel and was able to share that with M. It was a very special experience. 

We played soccer with a family in the ward and there was a little accident on the field and my knee got hit pretty hard! I have a way awesome bruise from it, there's a picture attached. 

The knee right after getting hit.

The game was fun though! It was funny, because the dad of the family was the one who ran into me, and he went to help with a youth activity right after. We had signed up to bring some food for the dinner at the activity (service opportunity!) and by the time we got there eeeeeveryone knew about what had happened and asked me about it. He told everyone about how he almost broke the knee of one of the sister missionaries! Hehe!

The knee yesterday. Nice bruise!
M came to church yesterday, and so did S and S, our two new investigators from last week! They enjoyed it and we're meeting with them this week. It was so sweet, they gave a donation to the church because they said that's their way of paying tithing! Any time they visit a church, they donate money to it.

Aaaand I have to go! Sorry! But I love ya lots and I hope that you have a great week!


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