Monday, September 22, 2014

ja ja men altså....

Søster Barrett asks Elder Bednar a question

Our day has been awesome - our alarm didn't go off (what the heck!) so we woke up at 7:05. whoops! I'm just glad I woke up and checked my watch, otherwise who knows when we would've realized we needed to wake up! 

Then we cleaned and got ready for the day, had our studies (I read my patriarchal blessing and it was really good. I am always so uplifted by it!), cleaned some more, I wrote a letter (not to you! Sorry! I will next week!), then we headed out to email! 

Søster Vige is doing well - we got a car! We get to use it until the end of the transfer, and Søster Vige will know for sure what's going on by then, so it's nice to have in the meantime. It's helping her a lot. And my knee is totally fine - it was the weirdest bruise ever, it turned yellow on the inside and now just has an outline of purple, and it's super itchy! haha!

The leaves are definitely changing - it's really getting to be fall here now. And it's starting to get dark in the mornings and evenings! nooooo! 

Companionship love!

The Elders are great! I'll send you some pictures we all took after an eating appointment last week 'cause the sunset was really pretty. Haha. It was their idea not ours!

Us and the Zone Leaders

And I'm sorry, this letter is short again! Sometimes I feel like I need to tell so many stories that I get overwhelmed and don't know where to start, and then I just get unmotivated. :O 

But there are lots of good things happening! M is as wonderful as ever, and he asked us some really good questions about the priesthood that I had no idea how to answer - turns out I don't really know that much about the great apostasy or how it was that the priesthood got lost! More to learn! :) 

I wonder - what things do I do/have I done that I really should give up because I know the church is true? I guess we're always trying to be better versions of ourselves, and true conversion is when we act in accordance with what we know to be true. 

And we had an awesome conversation with a girl on the train - her name is C and she's going to meet up with us at a cafe tomorrow to talk more about the church! So exciting!! The work really is going forward.

I love you lots and I hope that everything goes well this week! Hug and kiss everyone from me! Talk to you next week. :)


PS - Oh, and if you want to see more Elder Bednar pictures, go on the mission picture blog site! :)

PPS - Hannah's mom here - I had a friend ask me, "How does Hannah post to her blog each week?"  Søster Barrett is able to send emails to family and friends each Monday.  She has about an hour online.  So she writes to us, and I copy and paste her letter to her blog.  I edit out family info (sometimes it is a little tricky, because she answers questions that we wrote to her and things seem confusing in her note) and I edit the names of investigators, but I don't change anything else.  I paste in any pictures she sent home that week, and then post up the blog.  Then I link it to her facebook - I log in under her username (every single week I have a little panic that I have forgotten her password...)  So that's how it works!

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