Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh hello!
It's been an awesome week. Sister Hadfield is doing great :) We had the new missionary one-month meeting last week and got to go to the temple with all the other new missionaries and their trainers - it was really, really nice. And guess who I got to see? Sister Hale and Sister Grant! The dream team continues. ;) Unfortunately as usual I forgot to take pictures, but everyone looked great and the meeting was really inspirational! 

President Sederholm told us about He is the Gift - something the church will be doing all through December, if ya haven't heard about it yet I'm sure you will! We're SO excited - miracles are going to happen for sure.
Slagelse is fantastic. M, the man we met last week, has read the whole Book of Mormon (or as much of it as is translated in Persian). When we met with him he was still in the middle of reading it, and said he needed to read it all to gain the confirmation it was true, but he already felt really good about it and felt that it was God's word. He texted us last night to tell us he had finished reading! We're going by him tonight so we'll see what happens. He barely speaks English or Danish, BUT there is a less active in our area who also speaks Persian and a man in Copenhagen who just got baptized who does as well. So there are some really great opportunities ahead of us to help M and to strengthen other members along the way. Soooooo exciting! We just have to be proactive and get it all scheduled/arranged because they both live pretty far away from Slagelse.
M is wonderful. As I'm sure you already know! Last night he asked us and the elders to come over because he was having a hard time. It meant a lot that he would think to ask us to come, and it was a good experience. I'm quite sure M will read this so DON'T GIVE UP! You're awesome and we'll see ya at A and L's! :)
Our district activity is this week which is... Thanksgiving with M! Yaaaaaa! It's going to be SO fun. Right afterwards we'll be traveling into Copenhagen for December's Leadership Council, so it'll be an exciting day! In the mean time we have a bunch of great appointments either set up or in the works this week. C, our other new investigator from 2 weeks ago, came to church yesterday. She had some concerns and questions but I think that we'll be able to help her out - plus she needs the gospel in her life. It would help SO much (haha of course, it helps everyone! But C has had a really tough life).
Funny story - the scripture you sent me last week, Jeremiah 16:16, was talked about a lot in the new missionary meeting. And this week we went out visiting teaching and used that talk that you sent from Elder Scott! What are the odds? :) I love that talk though, I've been studying it this week a bit. 

It's so good to know that life is supposed to be hard. And that reading the scriptures, praying, family home evening, and temple attendance won't make our problems go away but they are tools to help us get through those problems. It's so easy to teach and talk about the gospel of Jesus Christ, but actually living it - having faith in Christ when the outlook seems grim, truly repenting and forgiving, developing Christlike attributes - that's when it's challenging, and when it's the most important.
Christmas is getting closer! We are getting ready - we've started asking people on the street what their favorite Christmas songs are, and the idea is I'm going to bring the ukulele and we're going to ask if we can sing the song right then and there. We just have to make sure we know the songs and can pronounce the words. ;)
I love sharing the gospel, and I'm getting better at living it! I love that families can be together forever, and I'm grateful I have a family like y'all to spend it with. :) Jeg elsker jer SÅ meget.

På gensyn!
Søster Barrett

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