Monday, December 1, 2014

He is the Gift - #ShareTheGift

Hola! Hej! God morgen!
Yes, Danes do Advent! I'm not sure what people do in America, but I know that here they light a candle every Sunday for the 4 Sundays leading up to Christmas. We have a really cute countdown candle that we've started lighting, and I would have a picture to send you of it but I forgot my camera at home. Woops!
Anywho this week has been good. A little on the tough side, but not because of anything happening work wise - the work is amazing, the people here are so so wonderful, for some reason I am just feeling down. Do you ever get that way? I feel like I really shouldn't feel that way while out on a mission, but I just feel blah. Disconnected. But we keep pushing through and doing our best, and I know I'll snap out of it soon! Søster Hadfield is a champion. She's good at putting up with me. :D Plus this week I'll be on exchanges from Tuesday - Friday night, so she will be rockin' Slagelse with Sister Reed! And they're going to do GREAT. I'm excited to hear how it goes.
Exciting news!! C HAS A BAPTISMAL DATE! the 27th of December. Sister Hadfield invited her to baptism and did such a good job! The Spirit was definitely there. We made a baptismal calendar and as long as we stay on track it should go way well! C is so sweet - it really makes my heart hurt how much she's gone through in life. It's pretty  neat to see God's love work in her life!!
And on Thursday we had the greatest Thanksgiving of my mission with... M! We took some seriously awesome pictures, but like I said I forgot the camera. So you'll get them next week! It was a great day - we talked, took Christmas pictures, watched mormon messages, ate, and sang songs. It was just really nice and laid-back. M made really good food! And we made really great cookies, if I do say so myself. So overall it was pretty darn great!
Other than that it's just been a pretty good, normal week. I went to Leadership council on Friday and we got ready for missionary work in the Christmas season - did you get the Ensign this week? With the little booklet about "He is the Gift"? Oh my goodness let me tell ya, that video almost makes me cry every time we watch it. 

It's such a simple reminder of what Christmas is all about. And the invitation is for everyone - discover, embrace, and share the gift. It's been causing me to ponder a lot on how I have discovered, embraced, and shared Jesus Christ. I could do so much better but I have done all I can, and I know He is there.
When we're on buses and trains, people we sit by are usually on their smartphones. So instead of interrupting them from their phones I've started inviting them to check out a really good video about Christmas - and last night on the bus a girl watched He is the Gift right then and there! We had a great conversation about Jesus Christ - who she doesn't really feel like she needs in her life, but if nothing else it made her start thinking about Him. It was a good experience. :)
I just love Christmas time, especially on the mission. I'm so glad I get to be here for two. We're busy making Christmas Calendars for people with scriptures to read each day leading up to Christmas, and I hope everyone likes them! I think they're pretty nifty!
Anyways I have to go! But I love you lots and I hope you have a great week. God jul! Glædelig jul!
Søster Barrett

PS - Luckily, M sent us a silly photo from Thanksgiving at his house.  Thanks M!

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