Monday, October 7, 2013

Velkommen til Danmark!

Søster Bishop and Søster Barrett

We made it to Danmark! It is THE BEST here. I can't get over how beautiful it is, the delicious food, the awesome clothes, the tiny bathrooms (whaaa? more on that later), my companion, everything is just great! I am in Aalborg, a city in the north of Jylland, which is the part of Denmark that is connected to Germany. It was about a six hour train ride from Copenhagen, which was fun because I got to know my companion Sister Bishop really well! She is amazing. She has been on her mission for 6 months, she's from Arizona, and she's so positive and fun to be around! We are working hard here in Aalborg and I love it.
Here's some great stuff about Danmark and my first week here!
Our bathroom. I'll send a picture next week of it. It's so tiny! It's a shower/sink/toilet in one, and you can basically pee, wash your hands, and shower at the same time if you really wanted.
My dyne. Holy cow, if you don't have a dyne and you live in a cold place, you need a dyne. It's basically a really thick comforter and it is SO warm. We got them our first day here and now I understand why President Sederholm said we can take our bedding home with us in the letter he sent before I left on my mission. It's amazing! I have a fitted sheet, a pillow, and a dyne and that's all I need to stay toasty warm all night long. Plus making my bed in the morning is the easiest thing ever.
Pastries and food in general. Ohhhh my goodness it's all so heavenly!
The Danish people. They're the best part of being here! They're extremely nice and very polite. Sure, we get turned down a lot, but most people are very nice about it (or I can't understand everything they say and the way they say it is very nice so I just assume they're being nice ;) ). And my testimony of the Lord preparing people to hear the message of the gospel is growing stronger every day here. I met a lot of the ward members at General Conference last night, and they made me feel so welcome and loved! It's great.
 Anyways I am little bit out of time so, I love ya all! Danmark is fantastisk and I can't wait to share that with you!
Ps the pictures are of my companion and I in Frederiksborg, then on the train, then in Aalborg.

In Frederiksborg with Søster Bishop
On the Train to Aalborg

Still nn the train - 6 hours!

In Aalborg

Beautiful Danmark


  1. This is so exciting Hannah! I'm glad you made it there safe and sound. Keep up the good attitude! Love you!

  2. Glad you made it to Denmark !! Looks like a neat missionary companionship !! I know you will do a great work in Denmark.. Love ya - Grandpa B.

  3. We are so glad to see you in Denmark! What a great missionary you are!