Monday, December 2, 2013

God Jul og ha' det godt!

So. I know last week I said I'd have cool pictures of churches to show you this week but... we didn't actually go see any churches.

Me pulling a sword out of a stone.  woo!

Because when we left our apartment to get groceries, we locked both our sets of keys and our phone in the apartment! We had no way to get in contact with anyone, and no way to get anywhere but walking. 

My boots are getting worn in!
So we walked downtown to a library where we sent an emergency email to our Mission President to see if he could tell the Ægtepar to meet us at the train station at 4.30. Then we ended up meeting up with Maria, an awesome member who was up in Aalborg from Randers, who let us use her phone to call the Zone Leaders, who called the Ægtepar, who ended up letting us sleepover at their house that night. 

How crazy is that? Just another crazy event in the life of Søster Barrett! And also, the Ægtepar have seriously become like a 3rd set of grandparents to me, I LOVE them! They are so willing to help us with anything, even though that usually means they're saving our lives or driving all over town for us or some other crazy thing.

This is me in an apartment complex that kind of looks like a psych ward.  Creepy!
 Anyways, other than that it has been a pretty normal week! No huge miracles, but the fact that we were able to have a place to stay on Monday night and the owner of our apartment had time to come bring a spare key to us on Tuesday felt like a big miracle to me! It's nice that the Lord still works through us and blesses us, even when we make dumb mistakes. ;)

Søster Nuttall and I in Støvring, a small town outside of Aalborg with a really cute path near the train station.
We had a great lesson last night with a married couple about the Word of Wisdom - the Spirit was very strong and they are going to try to start following it!
Another married couple we teach had us over on Wednesday night, and we taught about the Plan of Salvation! The husband is a less-active member and is familiar with a lot of stuff from church, but his wife isn't and it was amazing to be able to teach her and help her understand the purpose of life a little more. She told us she felt really warm and happy inside, and we were able to teach her about the Holy Ghost and how that is what the warm feeling is! 

And after the lesson was over, husband asked us if we have anything to keep money in. We told him all our money is in the bank, and then he said "well we have a special money holder to give you." He then pulled out a huge coca-cola bottle piggy bank! Whaaa? We have no idea what to do with it, but it was so funny and sweet of them to give us! We're thinking about writing a miracle down every day and putting it in the bottle, and then going through and reading them when life gets hard.

Honningbombs - these really good cookie things.  Yum!

We have just recently started to get more eating appointments (for my first transfer we had a grand total of 2 eating appointments! It was a little depressing!) so we're trying to get to know the ward members and in January we're going to start a new ward mission plan. Yesterday we had a lunch appointment with the Christensens (They could be related to Randy's family! Who knows!!) and they are SO FUNNY. We talked a lot about the Danish word for speed... fart.  And on elevators here, when the elevator is moving it says "I fart," which basically means "in motion", but if you read it in English it just looks like the elevator is telling you it's farting!  Ahhhahaha it just cracks me up every time. ;) 

We made Christmas advent calendars for a couple of families in the ward with scriptures for every night leading up until Christmas, and then challenging them to read the scriptures together as a family! I was afraid they would think the calendars were tacky, but they were all so sweet about it - and really excited to do it! Yay! 

I am soooo excited to talk to you on Christmas! So this is how it will work I think. Basically, on December 25 (Christmas here is three days long by the way!), in the evening, we will get to go online at a members' house and skype our families for however long we want! I think it'll be around 10 or 11 in the morning for you all, and you better not open my package (I'm sending it today!) until I get to see you open it! I have to remind myself not to get too stressed out about all of it, 'cause I know it'll work out! I think it'll be best to use Google Plus - because I'm not sure if I will be on a mac and able to use facetime!

Here's a little more Danish Christmas fun.  Nisse is a cheeky little Danish Elf.  I love Nisse! Nisse isn't just one elf, there are lots of Nisser! They're pretty much just like the elves we talk about in the US, but instead of just being little kids, they are of all ages, and they like to play tricks sometimes! 

It's the cutest thing ever - the Danes love Nisser, and they decorate their whole houses with lots of Nisser, big and little! One of our Less Actives gave us a couple of Nisser for us to decorate our apartment with, and another less-active gave us a Nisse Christmas countdown candle. It was so sweet of them! You should look up Trip Trap Nisser - it's a company that makes little Nisser, and every Christmas they come out with a new pair! So cute. I love it.

I hope you have a good week! I love you so much! God Jul og ha' det godt! :) Danish is getting better and better every week by the way. It's so fun!
Love love love,

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  1. I'm so glad you had a place to stay when you locked your keys in - and that you were able to get a key from your landlord! And I'm glad you get to talk to your parents on Christmas! How fun! Speaking of doing crazy things, I'm up in Port Angeles visiting Sarah and lost my debit card! I hate to be so stupid! But all is well, no one used the card and a new one will be sent to Erin's so I will get it next week! Love you Hannah.