Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Copenhagen Temple 10 Year Anniversary!

School is out on Thursday?!?!?! Oh my gosh the school year went by SO fast. I can't believe that! I bet Emily and Sydney and John have done so well this year, and I bet that for once they're probably not very excited for school to end since it means the move is happening soon! But that's okay. It'll end up being fun!

Oh man it DEFINITELY feels like summer here in Denmark, it's been up in the high 20's here (as in celsius, I think that's the high 70's?), and I think being in Denmark has made me a wimp because I am burning up! 

Plus there's no air conditioning here so being inside can be really suffocating. Last summer was unusually hot and rain-free for Denmark, and I think this summer might end up being similar because from what people have said, it's never this hot in May! 

I am doing great this week as usual and SO excited and happy to hear that everything is going well with selling the house and getting ready to move! That makes me so happy. Plus Erin told me that they're moving to Virginia!!! So it'll be one big happy family reunion on the east side of the country! 

Hmmmm my favorite way to approach a stranger. Well I think my favorite thing is talking with people on s-togs, because it's a little more natural to strike up a conversation on a train than on the street, and you can usually get to know people a lot better - We usually start off a conversation with something like "Hasn't the weather been amazing lately?" or "We're new to Copenhagen, can you tell us what is fun to do here?" and then it usually leads to people asking us why we're here in Denmark, which leads right into the gospel. I've gotten a lot better at asking people for their numbers here in Frederiksberg, so the spot for potential investigators to be written down in the back of my planner is a lot more full than it used to be! woo woo!

As far as sleeping goes, the hot weather plus no air conditioning situation means we have our windows open all the time, which is fine unless there's someone walking around or talking outside! But mostly I sleep really well. :) It just gets a little toasty sometimes.

Søster Hadley and I at the 10 year anniversary of the Denmark Temple 

Sister Hadley and I are having lots of fun together! We should be finding out about transfers today or tomorrow and she thinks she'll transfer away... we'll see what happens! 

And tonight we get to stay for the Young Single Adult family home evening because Emelie, an amazing girl in the ward who got baptized last August, is bringing her friend who is interested in the church! We aren't allowed to stay for YSA activities unless we have an investigator or a less-active there with us, which is kind of a bummer because we aren't often able to go! But tonight we can stay, and I'm going to try to learn and remember all the names I possibly can. :) Plus we're trying to come up with ideas with Elder and Sister Madsen, the YSA couple, for how we can be more involved with the ysa.

The Copenhagen Denmark Temple

This week we got to help with the temple's 10-year anniversary exhibition! (That will link you to the mission website where there are more photos of the open house, and one more really cute photo of Hannah

We helped run a little exhibition in the church building near the temple with a video explaining what the temple is, frequently asked questions about the temple, and a really neat presentation about the history of the church in Frederiksberg. There was an original printing of the Danish Book of Mormon on display! 

The exhibition ran Tuesday through Friday, and then ended with a reception on Saturday for members of the church all over Denmark. I saw some wonderful members from Odense, which was really great! Sister Hadley and I also got to go to the temple on Saturday, which was so so nice. It's been 8 months since the last time I went to the temple, and it was just great.

Update! We just found out about transfers! Sister Hadley and I are staying together, woohoo! It's gonna be pretty dang great. :) 


We did some more cleaning at P's house.  Turns out the closets are white, not yellow like we thought! Oh P is so wonderful though, and we found Teachings of the Prophet Brigham Young as we were cleaning through things, and she read us quotes from it as we continued cleaning!

We had a great lesson with G, she is just progressing right along! She is worried that committing to live the gospel would be too hard to do her whole life long, so we are going to work on continuing to teach her the lessons and showing her that committing to live the gospel doesn't require her to change absolutely everything about her life, just a few things like following the word of wisdom!

Aaaand this week we have a crazy week planned! we're going on splits with the sister training leaders (PS Sister Packard just got moved up to be a sister training leader! Next transfer she'll be my sister training leader, isn't that so fun?!), and having our district activity (volleyball and a barbecue! woo!), and going to Aalborg for J's baptism!! 

It's going to be an eventful week, but we've also got some good plans and opportunities for finding new investigators and working with the members. We're going to get this area moving!

Me with a really attractive hammerhead shark.  Aren't we a good pair?
Anyways I love you so much! I gotta get going! Have a good week and keep being awesome! Love you!!


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