Monday, May 19, 2014

Half Way!

Ahh time goes too fast, I think. I'm almost 20 years old! 18 more days! 

And this week I celebrated my halfway mark! (Hannah has been out 9 months of her 18 month mission) That was a crazy day. Søster Hadley made a lagkage (Danish layer cake) for me that was deliciously amazing - we ate it for breakfast. 

Me with my halfway cake! (can you tell we're eating well? ;) )

Then I went and spent the day in Gladsaxe with the Sister Training Leaders there, because Søster Hadley had a special meeting with all of the missionaries from her group. The Sisters made me æbleskiver to celebrate and we all ate a ton of those. 

Then every appointment we went to served cake! And then we had a dinner appointment with a member family! 

On top of that, we biked everywhere in the biggest rainstorm I've been out in so far - so I spent most of the day soaking wet. 

Søster Hadley and I with some delicious chocolate lava cakes in mugs.

All of this led to... me getting really sick the day after! I was totally out of commission. But I got a Priesthood blessing and was on my feet and feeling better within a day! Isn't it amazing how the Lord blesses us with health and strength when the work needs to be done?

Søster Hadley and I discovered a cute harbor while we were eating the huge ice cream cone.

What big projects are left to do? Is there a for sale sign outside the house? (we are getting ready to move in JuneI hope you know I am praying harder than I ever have before for all of you with the move coming up. I bet it's a really stressful time, and everyone is sad to go! It's okay though. Just like President Hinckley always said, It will all work out! :)

I can't believe school is almost over. School just started! What the heck! And I know that everyone will do well in the new schools. And wow, this week sounds really really busy. Busier than the week we have planned! Fun Fun!  and tell John I said TILLYKKE on winning the game!!

(I decided not to include a rather sweet, personal story)  Anyways I'm not trying to say I'm the most awesome person in the world or anything silly like that, but I think that lots of people downplay promptings of the Spirit by downplaying their own worth if that makes sense - if you tell yourself you won't make a difference often enough, then you'll stop making a difference and the Spirit will stop presenting small and simple opportunities for you to serve. 

Us with G, our investigator from Brazil! she is the SWEETEST girl and yesterday was her first Sunday in church! She loved it so much she wanted to take a picture.

But! I am working on being more positive about myself because the more I remember I have a lot of potential as a daughter of Heavenly Father, the harder I work and the more I try to reach out to the people around me - and the more of a difference is made, whether I see it or not.

Us with a HUGE ice cream cone that we ate together.

Well, I am running out of time ): I'm really sorry!! We had some other great experiences this week but I think I will write a letter when we get back from grocery shopping with more of them in it and send it to you. 

My bike did have a breakdown this week - during the huge rainstorm! Hahaha! But it's fixed now, phew! I thought it was fitting that it broke down on my halfway mark - what's a day in the life of Søster Barrett without a broken bike here and there? ;) 

The elders in our ward are great - Elder King and Elder Nordfelt are the assistents and very sincere, hardworking missionaries. Elder Redd and Elder Wright are the other elders who serve in our area and they are also really really great missionaries! We have a great district and there's a lot of support/hard work going on. So that's great!!

I love you! I hope this is a great week and that everything goes how it should. You are the best! Keep up the good work!


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