Monday, May 12, 2014

Half Way Anniversary!

Skyping was SO FUN! Thanks for letting me speak some Danish, it's always fun to show off my mad skillz. ;) It was so great to see your faces and hear your voices! and to hear Emily and John play the violin, and Dad sing, and to talk with Sydney and you, and just everything. It was lovely! 

This mission is such a good experience. The Lord is so good. He's really taking care of all of us, don't you think? :) It's funny because being away, I forget about the real life day-to-day stuff like fighting with Sydney about using the car, or getting mad at Dad for pinching my cheek, but when you step back from all the small things, we're all always getting better and taking steps forward. Thank goodness for the Atonement!

Our zone at zone training last week.

Poor Sydney, moving halfway through high school was really hard. But it ended up beign such a good experience! You just can never see the end from the beginning, whcih makes it exciting and sometimes so challenging. I can't believe how grown up everyone is! Emily and John are getting so tall! And John's feet are the same size as yours? Ahhhhh!

We did have a good week. We're teaching this really cute lady from Brazil - Her name is G, and she is married to a Dane and they have the cutest baby girl! It was really exciting to meet with G because she has a baptismal date this summer and is pretty serious about being baptized - she asked us at our last appointment if we could tell her how her life will change because she converts. Sister Hadley and I were both born in the church, so we're not so good at that, but we have great members here who we can invite to talk to her about it! G is the sweetest, most sincere lady though. We watched Finding Faith in Christ with her in Portuguese and she knew all of the things Christ said by heart from the Bible. The Spirit was definitely there!! And at the end her husband came and talked with us for a little bit, which is saying a lot because he used to not talk to the missionaries.

We found a new investigator on Saturday! His name is T. We street contacted him, and gave him a Book of Mormon. He said he would love to meet with us, and asked us when we could come by (instead of us asking him, which is how it usually goes)! We also did a lot of stop bys of past investigators - we found a couple of people home, and they pulled the classic move of asking for our numbers and telling us they'd call us... merp. That's okay, they will not be forgotten! We'll stop by again sometime down the road! ;)

This week we have another appointment with G, as well as an appointment with T (the new investigator!) and J, someone that Sister Hale and her companion found when she was here a few months ago, who's really positive but we're probably going to give to the Elders so it's easier to teach him - we're not allowed to teach boy investigators without another woman with us. 

On Wednesday I'm going to hang out with the Sister Training Leaders in Gladsaxe! Sister Hadley has a meeting with President Sederholm and all of the missionaries from her MTC group... no one knows what it'll be about and everyone's really excited to find out! 

Me with a street sign called the 5th of June (almost my birthday*, woo!)

Wednesday is also my halfway anniversary, so we're making a cake sometime this week in celebration. We'll also be meeting with V and cleaning at P's house! And other than that we shall find everywhere we possibly can, look for service along the way, bear our testimonies all over Copenhagen, and give away lots of Books of Mormon! It's going to be a great week. :)

Later today we're going to get ice cream the size of our heads (pictures to come next week!) and play volleyball with the elders. Oh and we're also meeting with E tonight, who has kind of investigated the church for a few months - I haven't met her yet, but we're going to study with her out of the Book of Mormon. She has a lot of faith in the Bible and doesn't really see how the Book of Mormon goes along with it, so we want to help her see that the Book of Mormon isn't completely different from the Bible - it is a second witness to it!

Go Preach My Gospel! Let's see... last week I started to read through each principle of the lessons we teach, and then write down how I have gained a testimony of that principle. I really love doing it because it's helping me see how much I already know, and what I can do to further strengthen my testimony. Studying chapter 10 is helping me want to strengthen my knowledge of the basic principles and doctrines we teach - because when it comes down to it, the gospel really is a simple thing!

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo with mustaches.

Anyways everything is wonderful! Life is great! I love you all so much and I can't believe how fast time goes. We all better make the most of it!! I know that the church is true. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer and that through the Atonement, we can be clean and start over again and again. And I know that families can be together forever! This is just a short time in the grand scheme of things. We're going to be together even after life on earth ends!

Give Emily and John and Sydney hugs and kisses for me! Even if they don't want them! ;)

I love you. Have a good week! Keep being amazing!

* Hannah's birthday is June 6th.  There's just enough time to send her a birthday card!  It takes a $1 international stamp to send Hannah a letter. Her address is:

Sister Hannah Marie Barrett
Denmark Copenhagen Mission
Borups Alle 128, 1. Tv
2000 Frederiksberg

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