Monday, February 2, 2015

A Privilege

Time goes SO FAST! But it hasn't really hit me yet, like, I know I'm going home in a month but I feel like I'll be here for the rest of my life. Sometimes it does get to me though, like when we're walking on cobblestone streets and the sun is setting and the sky is pink, or when we're sitting in church with all of the amazing, faithful people here and they show me so much more love than I deserve - and I realize I won't get to experience it every day forever. Sister Hale getting ready to go home in a week makes it feel a lot more real, too. Craziness.

District activity - broken bike
It's been an AWESOME day so far! Sister Hale and I decided this morning while we were planning for our little part of zone training that we are going to finish a song I've been working on, and sing it at zone training! It should be really fun. It's about the Savior. Ya know, before my mission if I ever tried to write a song it was usually about love or a boy or something, but now it's a lot easier to write about life truths, and the gospel, and I think it's because my perspective has really been enlarged by serving the Lord. I've been able to see a lot of different walks of life. It's really wonderful, and such a privilege. 

Someone asked me a few days ago how I would describe my mission, and the best thing I can come up with is that it is a privilege. It's a privilege to serve the Lord, it's a privilege to feel of His love, it's a privilege to invite other people to feel of it as well. I love it.

District Activity - 50's Diner
Today is Søster Hale's last Pday here in Denmark! So we're going allllll out - and by that I mean we're going shopping and she has to pack. ;) It's a good time!

This week we have zone trainings, and the Vejle sisters coming on exchanges, and a lot of appointments! We're meeting with G. I haven't told you about G yet. HE IS AWESOME. We met him on the train home from the last zone training - he was sitting next to me, so I asked where he was going. Horsens, of course! Then we asked where he is from - Canada! So of course we all got reeeeallly excited. G has been living in Europe since he was 18, and has been a Catholic priest and a monk, but is now a social worker living in Denmark.

The thing is, I've taught people who know a LOT  less about religion than Gregg does, and none of them have ever been as open or willing to listen as he is. He's really sincere. I don't know how long it will take for him to gain a testimony of the gospel, but he is SO SINCERE and SO SO SO AWESOME. He's someone I want to be friends with for the rest of my life! Sister Hale and I have been talking about G every day since the appointment! We're meeting again tomorrow night. I am so excited!

There's a lot of good happening. Our ward is amazing, and yesterday they set goals for the year - it was so exciting to hear their goals for helping the ward grow and keeping everyone who is there active. I hope that we can support the goals and help them achieve them!!

District Activity - exploring island in Silkeborg
Basically it's all just going really well! It's weird that Sister Hale is almost done, and weird that if I hadn't extended I would be too! But it feels so right to stay - and if I hadn't stayed, I wouldn't be able to be with Søster Hale right now! I found out a few days ago that a Sister is going home from her mission a transfer early and another sister in the MTC got reassigned to a stateside mission, so if I hadn't extended an area would have been closed for a transfer. 

It's kind of crazy how things always work out - that was a big testimony builder for me, and I really want to do better at following every prompting I get even if I think it's silly, because you really never know what will come of a prompting until after you act on it, even if it's intimidating or inconvenient. It is a work in progress! I am a work in progress! We all are, I suppose. :)

I love you so much! I hope you have a great week and that everyone has a lot of fun in all their different activities! Give everyone a hug from me. :)

I love you lots!
Søsta B

PPS Pictures - our district activity kind of died last week, because Elder Sullivans bike broke (first picture). So we couldn't get out to Himmelbjerg ): but we found a neat 50's diner to eat at! And we explored a little island in Silkeborg! It was reeeeal fun.

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