Monday, February 23, 2015

Horsens is on FIRE!

So last night I had the trunkiest dream ever. Seriously! The whole fam came here to Denmark to pick me up, and the moment I saw you all I started to cry (tears of joy of course). I'm not feeling too trunky, I love being here where I am, but I'm definitely excited to see y'all! And I'll try not to actually cry. No promises though.

OH MY GOSH HORSENS IS JUST ON FIRE RIGHT NOW. Can I say that one more time? HORSENS IS ON FIRE RIGHT NOW! Not literally. Thankfully. But as far as the work goes... my goodness! We are having so much fun and seeing so much good! There have been several appointments and contacts in the last few weeks where Søster Van Orden and I have left looking at each other and saying "What. Just. Happened?! That was amazing!" Really good things are happening.

A had to cancel our appointment on Tuesday, but we ran into her on Sunday and made another appointment - she was happy to see us and said that she's read a little bit in the Book of Mormon. 

Sister Van Orden and Sister Sorensen went to see K and R while we were on exchanges. B, a really amazing girl from the ward who is getting ready to go on a mission came with and did an amazing job. R is a little more hesitant than K, and they both agreed to come to church but only K ended up coming, so we're planning on focusing a little more on R's needs next time we meet. K is just amazing. He came to all 3 hours of church and contributed some meaningful insights in gæsteklass. He was really moved by the talks in sacrament meeting and really seemed to enjoy himself. 

G and A, our investigators from Romania, also came to church! They're getting to be friends with people in the ward and A LOVES AH (She's the most spry 82-year-old I've ever met! She comes to a lot of our lessons and can befriend ANYONE, no matter how much younger they are than she is). G came to CUV as well and had a really good time! 

We also met with H, who is a really sweet Danish woman in her 40's. She has no doubt the church is true, and said she left church (she came for the first time on Søster Hale's last Sunday) feeling like a better person. That was an amazing thing to hear! In the last 6 weeks she's gone from being unsure about our message and telling us every time we met that she didn't want to meet again to asking when we're coming back and reading everything we give her to read. She is a really special lady. It's been so neat to see her open up.

Heavenly Father is so aware of each of us and our needs. I got a blessing this week because I was worried about going home, and in it Elder Jewkes said something that was so interesting, and pierced me right to the heart - it was that Heavenly Father loves those who never leave the fold just as much as those who fall away. It was kind of random and unexpected, but it strengthened my testimony of Priesthood blessings because it addressed a concern that I've had inside of myself for a long time - that maybe because I've never had a huge rebellion or desire to leave the church, then my testimony isn't authentic or based on personal experience, and I'm not as true to Heavenly Father as I should be. I know that is not true. I know now more because of what was said in the blessing I got. Testimonies come from living the gospel, not leaving it! 

I got to be with Søster Hadfield again last week!!! I don't think there's anything Søster Hadfield can't handle. The transfer away from your first area is a big adjustment, but Søster Hadfield is so positive and full of love! She is definitely a little overwhelmed, but not more than she can handle. And she treats Sister Mølholt as an equal and a friend. They're doing really well together.

We were with Odense 2 søstre on Friday and I got to be with Sister Moseley again! Oh she is the greatest - SUCH a funny, quirky girl and so comfortable being herself. I think it's really awesome - I want to be that way! She and Sister Sorensen are a really quirky companionship - one night, to prank the other sisters when they got home for the night, they set up a murder scene in the Apartment (it was Friday the 13th) with fake blood and the whole deal. Creative! They're doing it again this next Friday the 13th. I'm hoping to see some pictures.

We're going out with Århus tonight, and Aalborg is coming to us on Friday. We're also traveling to Copenhagen for leadership on Thursday, and back to Århus on Sunday for Stake Conference. It's going to be a craaaaazy week! And a really good one! All of our appointments with our people are crammed into the 2 full days we will be home. :D

I love you so much - tell everyone hi from me.

Vi snakkes ved!

P.S. Word of the week - bekvem. It means comfortable!

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