Thursday, February 12, 2015

It all comes back to love


I am getting so ready for valentines day! Thanks to a great package you sent, or two! Thanks so much for both of them! It was really sweet to get love from home! The CTR rings are so cute... I'll make good use of them!

It's a great day. It's been a fun adventure - Søster Hale left this morning (I serenaded her on the way to the train station by playing God Be With You Til we Meet Again on my harmonica) and I waited in Vejle to pick up my new companion Søster Van Orden... but she never came! 

Turns out she took the train straight to Horsens and I ended up having to travel alone from Vejle back to Horsens... scary!!! Seriously. I literally felt like I was going to have a heart attack. But instead I talked to the girl sitting across from me, her name was L, and she's not interested in learning about the gospel yet but she wants to be friends with me on Facebook in a month! Woo!

My new companion, Søster Van Orden is an awesome søsta, she's only been out 6 months and is going to be a great Sister Training Leader. And I'm excited to see what we can do together in the area!

This last week has been so great. We had some amazing appointments. We met with G twice - it went so well! He has the greatest questions I've ever heard. Sometimes when we start teaching someone it's awkward the first few times, but with G it's been so easygoing from the beginning. There's never a pause in the conversation - it's great! 

And we saw G and J (so sweet!), who fed us an incredibly large amount of rice, adobo, and something that resembled mini lumpia. I love Filipino food so much. G is going back to the Philippines on March 2 (She spends 3 months in Denmark and 3 months in the Philippines because she doesn't have a permanent visa yet) and I am hoping we can see them a lot before then, and continue teaching J when G is gone. Sister Hale had the brilliant idea of inviting J and G to pray together every night - because J has never been religious, and isn't comfortable praying on his own - but he agreed to having family prayer, as long as G is the one who says it. :)

We had a MIRACLE happen with T! So we fasted on Sunday to see him again on the street. On Monday night, we walked out of our apartment and before we went out, prayed that we would see T on our way. We got out to the main street, turned to our left, and saw 3 guys walking our way in the distance. I thought in my head, "wouldn't it be so funny if one of those guys was T?" And then Sister Hale said, "It's T!" I looked closer and... yes! It was T!!! 

We had a good chat with him and his friends. It turns out he lost his phone and couldn't get ahold of us, and was also a little overwhelmed by the commitment to being baptized. Oops. But we made another appointment for Saturday! And we saw him again on Tuesday... I don't know what happened between Tuesday and Saturday, but he didn't show up on Saturday. ): But hey, chances are we'll see him again! :)

We visited N yesterday, who is a beautiful, amazing Dane with the cutest daughter L. N's boyfriend, B (also awesome - he's traveled all over the World trying to find truth!) was out of town on a ski trip, but we had a really great conversation about the Book of Mormon. We invited N to baptism, and she said that she's afraid of the commitment to one religion when there's so much good in many religions, which I can totally understand. But we talked about how faith isn't confirmed until after you take the step - and I really think N is going to make a date sometime soon. 

She said that when we come she can tell that there's a difference in her life. That was really flattering - I've never had someone say that to me, and it was a reminder of how strong the Spirit is with us even when we're not aware of it. It's so wonderful to see the difference the gospel is making in N's life - she is gaining a testimony of the Book of Mormon and I love being able to see that happen. N also gave us the sweetest gift - some really good Pukka tea (herbal of course!) and these chocolate sticks - it kind of looks like a chocolate lolly pop, but you stick one in hot milk and it becomes hot chocolate! So delicious!!!

I think this email is going to end up being short, but I don't have much else to say! Other than that... well, today was kind of a wake-up call. All of the emails I got had something to do with me going home, and it hit me: I am not going to be here forever. 

I am going to MISS Denmark. The people here are so dear to me! The land is so beautiful! The language is so charming and I am so far from fluent in it! 

So I want to work so hard and have so much fun and take it all in stride. I love the gospel and I love that we can all work together to share it. In the spirit of Valentine's day, it all comes back to love! 

The work is so good. It's accelerating! This week there were 12 baptismal dates made in the mission! And we keep finding REALLY positive, solid potentials who actually text/call us back and want to meet. It's so exciting!

Anywho I love ya! I hope you have a great week, and I'll talk to you next week!!!

Søster Barrett

PS - Sorry, no pictures! Sister Hadfield is bringing me my camera (she transferred to Odense! She's going to do so well there! Also, that reminds me - F IS REACTIVATED! That's T's fiance in Slagelse! So good to hear that he is coming back!)


PPS any requests of Things I should buy/bring home?

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