Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Facial Friday & Travel Plans

This post is going to be rather quick today! I apologize! But from here on out my posts will probably all be that way. By next Tuesday I'll be out in the field! More on that later.

This week we had... Facial Friday!! 

It's something my siblings and I used to do. Since my mom is awesome, she sent me 4 peel-off facial packets. 

My companions and I were going to do it one night in our residence hall, but then we decided to ask the Elders if they wanted to join in! 

You can imagine my surprise when they got more excited about Facial Friday than we were. So, Friday night (after we finished everything we needed to do, of course!) we pulled out the facials. 

In the pictures you can see the elders putting the facials on each other. 

Ahhh it was hilarious!

Here they are pealing off the facial stuff in the window!

After we finished they asked me if I could get my mom to send more this week, because they felt a little awkward asking their mom to send them facials. ;)

Ok, so the big news. We got our travel plans on Friday! According to the travel plans, we were to leave next Monday at 10:45 am with layovers in Chicago and London. 

It would have been super awesome, but unfortunately our visas didn't come through! So we're actually getting temporarily reassigned (we'll find out exactly where on Thursday or Friday) to a stateside mission for the next six weeks. 


It's like I'm serving 2 missions! Who knows where I'll end up?! Tennessee, California, or maybe even South Dakota. ;) But seriously I've heard of people getting reassigned to the mission where they're from.

You never know! I'm not sure if that would be super awesome or super sad. Probably both!

I am so excited to get out there and be a real missionary! 

It's going to be hard but I know I can do it. What's that quote from Elder Jeffrey R. Holland? He says something like "I believe missionary work isn't easy for us because it was never easy for Him." Jesus Christ suffered everything for us. I know that through His Atonement and because of Heavenly Father's love, I can do all things. I can't wait to share this gospel with those who need to hear it.

Vi ses! Next time you hear from me, who knows where I'll be?! :)

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