Thursday, September 19, 2013


Hello hello, hej, goddag! 


And, for the next 2 to 6 weeks I will be in... THE OREGON EUGENE MISSION! isn't that awesome?! I am so. dang. excited. My companions are both going to Eugene too! 

I'm really excited to be in Oregon. It was kind of my dream reassignment. It was seriously like getting another mission call! I love it! 

Depending on our Mission President (in Oregon) we'll either leave for Denmark as soon as we get our visas or we will stay in Oregon for a full transfer. I'm kind of hoping for the full transfer! 

I love Oregon!! 

Jeg elsker jer!
Sista B
(Does that count as slang? ;) )

Here' some information about the Oregon Eugene Mission from Hannah's mom:

Søster Barrett has a lot of family in Oregon.  Two aunts, lots of cousins, and lots and lots of second cousins.  We love Oregon!

The Oregon Eugene Mission takes in most of the Oregon coast, and even part of Northern California!

The Oregon Coast is beautiful.

Eugene is gorgeous in the fall.

The Oregon Ducks are in Eugene!  quack!

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  1. Go Sister B!! How exciting to try out two missions!