Monday, April 14, 2014

Daffodils in Odense

I can't believe it's another week! Time goes so fast when you're having fun and working hard. :))

I am so excited for Easter! We're going over to a member's house on Friday evening for a little Easter party. She invited all 6 of the missionaries, so it'll be a little crowded in her cute little house! It will be fun. 

Other than that we'll just be working away! The bike is holding up just fine, it's in good condition and as fun to ride as ever! 

All of the Søsters from our apartment making faces with daffodils.

The Senior couple here in Odense is fun, but they're going home next week! They're very very kind and helpful, and they've worked really hard to learn Danish which I think is really impressive because neither one of them served missions here when they were younger. 

For p-day today we had a lot of errands to run! We hung out on the gågade (the gagade is a pedestrian shopping street) with the other sisters though, and that was really fun! We also had time to write letters - I sent you all some! :)
We make frikadeller  (Danish meatballs) together!

This week we did a lot of service! We helped a member clean her house because she had a surgery and couldn't do any heavy lifting/cleaning - I vacuumed a whole house! How crazy is that? It was actually kind of fun though, which was surprising to me. 

We also had an appointment with L, who was an investigator before and wants to meet again. She told us that she doesn't want to commit to the church when she knows she can't do it with her whole heart right now, but she does want to learn more - and I am so grateful that she is open to learn! 

Søster Sheridan (one of the sisters we live with) and I!

Anyways sorry this email is rather short! I am running out of time, ahh! I love you all lots and I hope you are praying for me and the Danes, because I'm praying for you! I hope the rest of the family is doing well. 

I haven't really heard from anyone. Sister McVey and I think Dobby is stealing our  mail because we haven't gotten any letters since I got here. ;) (Hannah's mom here - In my defense, I did send an Easter package about 2 weeks ago, and hopefully she will get it this week... Looks like we will write letters for FHE!)

The peep and cookie smore Søster McVey and I made to celebrate her year mark as a missionary!

I am sorry because I sound a little down this week I think. Will you pray for Søster McVey and I and our area this week?  Anyways I don't want to worry you or make you sad, but I could just use your prayers! 

I love you so much! And I hope you have a great week!! I know we will. 



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