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I'm doing great today! And yes I got to watch conference (all but the last session) and it was SO DARN GOOD! Wow! I don't know what they did, but conference got so much better once I came out on my mission!  I took so many notes, and I've been reviewing them during personal study in the morning and ah! There's just so much good to get out of conference, all year long. I just can't believe it's been 6 months since last conference. That was my very first weekend in Denmark, and oh, how I thought the 6 months until April conference would go so slow! But of course it flew. I'm a little worried because I know that means the next 6 months to conference will go even faster. I can't procrastinate anymore! (I want to read Jesus the Christ, and I need to start reading the Book of Mormon in Danish)

Speaking of the Book of Mormon, we're studying Chapter 5 of Preach My Gospel this month, which is all about the Book of Mormon! (shout-out to General Conference - Elder Ballard invited y'all to share with me what you've been studying in preach my gospel so feel free! I want to hear all about it! :) ) So I wrote down how I've come to know for myself that the Book of Mormon is true. I thought I would share it with you!

Apparently, I have known that the Book of Mormon is true since before I can remember. Dad always tells a story about walking into my room when I was 4 years old, and seeing me crying on my bed with the Book of Mormon open on my lap. When he asked why I was crying, I said, "I just know that the Book of Mormon is true!" And I've never really doubted its truthfulness. I think there have been times when I've taken it for granted, but I've always known that the Book of Mormon is really God's word and another testament of Jesus Christ along with the Bible (but my testimony of it wasn't really that sophisticated until the last year). 

So, fast-forward to when I was 14. It was my freshman year of high school and it was a really, really hard time in my life. I just remember feeling so dark and alone inside, even though I went to church every week and had friends and did well in school. In January there was a For the Strength of Youth devotional (it may have been that tacky Brand New Year musical. Loved that thing!). Sister Dalton invited the youth of the church to read the scriptures 5 minutes a day, pray, and smile. I decided I would try it. So I started reading one chapter of the Book of Mormon a day. 

I finished it in May or June of that year, and it wasn't until the end that I looked back and realized in those 5 or 6 months, my life had gotten a lot happier. It was like gradually, day by day, the sun got a little brighter and I filled a little more with light! I know that the Book of Mormon, and scripture study in general, even if it's just 5 minutes a day, can really change lives. 

It changed mine! 

I am so thankful for the Book of Mormon. My testimony of God's word to us has expanded from not just the Book of Mormon to the Bible as well in the last 8 months. I have realized that the Bible is JUST as important as the Book of Mormon, because they really do support each other. In the Book of Mormon we can learn the Doctrine of Christ (faith! repentance! baptism by immersion! the gift of the Holy Ghost! enduring to the end!), but we learn about who Christ actually was in the Bible - I feel like you can't fully appreciate one without the other. And man oh man the Bible is just coming to life for me as I read it! 

I noticed in General Conference that a lot of the speakers referred to stories of Christ in the Bible, but hearing them now I know the context of most of the stories, and what happened before and after them, so they just mean so much more. I know the Book of Mormon is true! I know that the Bible is true as well! And I know that studying them together can give more meaning to the gospel in day to day life. 

We found 2 new investigators this week! And one of them, L, was a previous investigator who had a baptismal date but didn't make it because she has been smoking since she was 12 and couldn't stop. When she told us that her eyes just looked so sad and depressed - she can use the spiritual nourishment that the gospel gives too! I am just really grateful that the Spirit led Sister McVey and I, the timing was right, and she let us in. I know that inviting L to read from the Book of Mormon and pray will help her right now, and that there are resources that can help and support her in the long run. 

Mom I just love it all. And you're right, things are a little hard (or were, I'm getting stronger every week!) but it's helping me rely on the Savior. And it's helping me see just what being a disciple of Christ is - I loved the talk from Elder Holland, where he said being a disciple of Christ often involves weeping, worrying, and something else that starts with a W that I can't remember. Because it's true! It's not pastries and flæskesteg all the time (har har har!). But Sister McVey and I have so much fun and we keep each other positive.

The roomies are great! No huge drama, not even really little drama either. We all just get along! We keep meaning to take pictures together or do a pday thing together but just havent had time. But next Monday we will! speaking of pictures, sorry, I can't find my charger so I don't think there will be any this week :O I am afriad I may have permanently lost the charger! Ahh!

Your story about great grandma is so good! Last week I started filling out my own "My Family" booklet (they showed it in conference) and I learned a lot of things I didn't know about the family. There are pictures of some of our ancestors on familysearch, it's so fun to see their faces and try to see if we look like each other very much. (I think  I look like one of the great-something-grandmas, whose name is Margaret) It's just really cool! If you haven't gotten on familysearch you totally should, there are family stories and pictures and just all kinds of cool stuff on there. (we have permission to get on it during open church time). 

I hope the weather is lovely this week! No more snow!! I have a little easter package to send you all next Monday. I hope you like marzipan! ;) 

Ha' det godt! 

Love ya!

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