Monday, April 28, 2014


It was an awesome last week in Odense. Seriously all the miracles happened right there at the end, which makes me feel bad for ever feeling sad, but it's always so much sweeter when you go through the bitter right? :) 

H (She is great!) and I.

After we finished PDay on Tuesday, we went out to give cookies to one of the families in the ward. 

Afterwards we decided to stop by M, who we street contacted my first week in Odense and made a return appointment, but it had just never worked out. Well, she was home and she let us right in, and her good friend M2 (haha both of their names start with an M so yeah! M2 it is!) was there. 

M2 had actually borrowed the Book of Mormon we gave to M and read a little bit in it, and they both had some good questions about the church. We got to know them a little bit better, and talked about prayer. We gave M2 her own Book of Mormon, and invited them to a pizza night the ward was having a few days later. 

They came to the pizza night!!! And they brought another friend, M2's roommate E, who is from the Faroe Islands which I think is pretty awesome. We gave them a tour of the church and they had a lot of good questions, they stayed for the activity and a short lesson afterwards. They said they want to start coming every week, and they want to learn more! Ah it was so exciting and they are all the sweetest girls.

Søster McVey and I in the mustaches.  (thank you Julie!)

On Saturday Sister McVey and I went out to give cookies and a talk by Elder Bednar to C, and on our way up there I saw a man on the bike path in a wheel chair. He seemed really happy and nice, and on our way back he was still on the path! So Sister McVey and I stopped and approached him to just say hi, and it turns out he has met with missionaries before in Fredericia! He said he had never seen girl missionaries before, and that his wife is expecting their first daughter in September and he hopes she will be as dedicated to her beliefs as we are to ours. It was a really sweet little conversation, and it just goes to show how small and simple promptings can be, but what sweet experiences can come from following them!

Transfers went well, I did get my bike here and all my other stuff in one piece (well, many pieces actually... I have too much stuff!)! The Ægtepar from Odense actually go home this week so they weren't able to help us with transportation, so we walked all our stuff to the train station! 

All of us one more time at the train station this morning.

Some of the Elders came and helped us which was a huge help, but whew! It was quite the work-out. Sister Sheridan (we were in the apartment together, she was in the other Odense ward and is now in Gladsaxe) and I had a great conversation with the lady who sat by us on the train, and then we made it to Copenhagen! 

Sister Hadley, and I got all of my stuff (two suitcases, a duffel bag, another huge bag with my dyne and study stuff, and a bike) on and off an S-tog, and then we walked it to the apartment. 

It is a really cute apartment! There's a little overgrown garden in the front and we want to see if we can clean it up for service sometime soon. Sister Hadley, my new companion, is awesome! She is from Utah, has 7 older half-siblings, and is way enthusiastic and motivated to work!

I got the cards from John, Emily, Sage, and Chloe this week, they were so sweet!!! And I also got your packages. THANK YOU so much!!! The candy and the scarves and shoes and face stuff and everything was just wonderful. I'm wearing the shoes and one of the scarves right now! :)

The Easter package!

My mind is kind of running 100 miles a minute right now, so I may have forgotten some things so I might email a little more if I think of anything! :) But it's fun to transfer again already, and although I will miss Sister McVey (love that sista!) it'll be fun to be with Sister Hadley.

Me and Søster Hadley, my new companion

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