Sunday, April 6, 2014

Hej Igen!

Hej igen!
I'm great today! It's been a good week and an exhausting one. I don't know why - probably a combination of daylight savings and being a Little sick.
Søster Barrett at the Zoo
The Zoo was SO FUN! It was really cool - they had a South America exhibit that was indoors and climate controlled to feel like it was actually South America. It went from the Northern part, with a rainforest area, to the very Southern part, with penguins! It was a really cute exhibit with lots of fun animals. And it was just a very clean and hyggeligt zoo. 

We're doing like 1/3 biking, 1/3 bussing, and 1/3 walking - so a bit of everything. It's a good balance, because with bussing and walking you can contact lots of people, and with biking you can leave when you want and get there fast rather than relying on a bus schedule. So we just do what is most convenient to what we have planned!
Søster McVey and Søster Barrett with the Giraffes

The musical number was kind of a little miracle! Turns out no one was really ready to do a singing musical number, so I ended up doing a piano solo. I practiced and practiced during the time we were working the open church (the church is open for tours and Family history and the missionaries do shifts at it throughout the week... unforunately not many people have been coming!!), but my hands just couldn't get it right! Then on Sunday right before Sacrament Meeting I played through it again, and couldn't get through it without stopping. 

Me and a big fish

So I spent Sacrament Meeting having a panic attack leading up to when I was supposed to play (It was very dramatic! I started regretting even coming out on a mission!) and I just prayed really hard. So that I wouldn't embarrass myself, and also so I wouldn't ruin the meeting/take the spirit away by playing bad. Plus the Mission President and his wife were speaking, so the pressure was on! 

Anyways I got up there to play, my hands were shaking super bad, but once I started playing I felt at Peace and my fingers hit the right notes! It was definitely a moment of grace.
Me and a goat

Right now we're praying to find S again, a lady we met who we made a return appointment with and she never showed up. We met her in the park so we've been contacting there like crazy in hopes of running into her! (we're basically stalkers. Woo!)
This week weeeeeeee did more finding! We had splits with the Sister Training Leaders - Søster Orgill and Søster Pearson. They're both really great missionaries! I was with Sister Pearson most of the time - we had lots of fun and did lots of contacting. She is really good at talking to people on the street and having meaningful conversations. Sometimes I feel like we're robots who give a message and a card about our church and then walk on. But since splits I've been working on being more personable! 

This funny sea lion that noticed us coming up to its pool and started posing for the cameras!

You meet some really great people that way. Last night we met a man from Italy who is getting an interview today for a job here in Odense as a neurologist. 

And on the day of our zoo activity we met a girl named Shanny on the bus. It was one of the coolest/scariest contacts I've had! Contacting on the bus can be kind of intimidating - you're stuck next to this person so if they completely reject you you've got an awkward bus ride ahead of you. But usually once I suck it up and try I end up having great conversations with people. 

So on our way up to an eating appointment from the zoo, I sat down on the bus - but no one sat down by me! A little while later a girl sat in front of me, so I decided I would just go for it and try to talk to her from behind. We ended up having a GREAT talk, Sister McVey came over and sat by us (we sit apart on the bus so there's more  of a chance of finding someone), we told her about what we do as missionaries and bore our testimonies, she took our card and said she would text us to talk more about it. 

Then on our way home from the appointment, she was on the same bus as us again! Except it was really awkward, and when we said hi she didn't seem super gung ho about talking to us. But we're going to see her again! And this time it won't be awkward. I really really hope we do see her again because while we were talking I could just see how much the gospel would bless her life!!
It's been a really good week! And I know this week will be too. It always is. :) We have a zone conference on Wednesday which should be really good, and we have some really good plans for finding and service. And, GENERAL CONFERENCE! It's almost here! I'm so excited!!

Love you!
 The Word fart on a sign! ;) (In Danish fart Means speed... heh heh heh).

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